AND TINNITUS HAVE MAKE MY LIFE HELL PLEASE ADVICE DOCTOR SIR. Hi, Please provide information on treatment for tinnitus from patanjali medicines?, I would be thankful to you. Sir my mother is suffering from the disease called meniere after she lost one of her ear. Dr.George Says:- Dear friend, Wishes from my yoga. Dear sir, I am suffering from tinnitus for past 4 years and it has made my life hell. In ayurveda the condition is mentioned as karnanada and has definite treatment principles as well. Doctor’s Ayurvedic Advice:- Hello,. Doctor prescribed me antibiotics oral and drops ofloxacin o.3 ml fir 10 days and diagnos:Acute otitis with perforation. For example please avoid all kind of beans,cold drinks,fast food,bitter and astringent food. Dear sir, I am suffering from tinnitus for past 4 years and it has made my life hell.

AND TINNITUS HAVE MAKE MY LIFE HELL PLEASE ADVICE DOCTOR SIR 2I am going to take my life back and not let my tinnitus control me! To make the progress you have made in just a couple of months is amazing! If I may give you some advice, it would be about masking tinnitus. Please trust me, I felt suicidal, I kept listening to it and it got louder and louder, stay calm, your brain adjusts. It was a living hell. I’ve been hearing a constant sound in my head. You can go to a doctor in case your tinnitus is due to something that can be fixed or treated easily. Once you let yourself do that, the noise will get louder, making it much harder to get your mind off it. This isn’t advice about how to get rid of tinnitus, but I do have advice about reading about tinnitus on the web: don’t do it! This one is the ONLY site I ever read that was thoroughly upbeat, and I needed an upbeat site at the beginning when I was so freaked out and afraid. It has been one hell of a shock ever since. A small problem which regularly, if not always, annoys me is my tinnitus. I can hear high pitched whistle-like sounds inside my head (around 10 KHz. and 12 KHz. Should anything in particular ring a bell, or whether perhaps you disagree, or if you can relate any other experiences, please let me know by E-mail. Since you have two ears, the one might make up for what the other cannot hear.

While my hearing appears normal, I now have a feeling of fullness and a constant ringing. Is there anything i can do to make it go away and/or not get worse in later life. My doctor has prescribed prednisolene steroids as they may help. Hello Sir, I suffer from the problem, tinnitus is usually intermittent. Hi doctor, I have 1 year, 2 years in the left ear, tinnitus, and hearing loss. I feel like the sounds of wind especially nights when he sleeps. I have whistling in his ears, please appeal to this, it is not my life, I can live with i m just 23 years. Dr. His valuable advice are needed in the treatment of vertigo as tinnitus. My neighbour lost her husband earlier this year and one of the ways she has found to cope with the loneliness is to colour in pictures in the adult colouring books which are now available. Dear Sir,. I am wondering what your your experience has been of Gilbert’s syndrome. I have had tinnitus in both ears for over 10 years (I am now aged 74). Please clarify and advise.

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One particular night this past spring change my life completely. God, it almost makes me feel a bit selfish complaining about some ringing when I know it could be soo much worse. Then again I have learned to never trust the advice of a doctor blindly if it crosses your intuition. Yes sir, that does sound exactly like what my tinnitus does. I have had to completely change my life because of this. Please make PG&E (and other utilities who may be doing the same thing) stop installing EvilMeters, and make them leave the analog meters in place. It helped slightly, but it also seemed to make my waking anxiety worse, so I stopped. I will never stop taking Prozac and my doctor says that it would be years before she would even consider dropping the dose of Prozac. (please note I am NOT minimizing the horrible side effects that people are currently dealing with). Much of my life over the past 40 years has been a great deal of social isolation. But I wouldn’t accept no for an answer, and I pleaded with the consultant, Neil, to create new hearing aids in the style that I was currently wearing. Guess I’ll have to take my kids’ advice, and see a doctor in stead of continually asking What did you say?. Biggest problem is tinnitus. My tinnitus in my right ear always changes for a while, and this time was no exception. If you have not called an ENT, and Ear Nose & Throat doctor, call one now. Mary, Please read my suggestions on that page and see an ENT. I went to the er,got checked and dismissed, with vertigo I was dizzier as hell. About four in 10 say they have unusual perceptual experiences between sleep and awareness if you interview them about their sleeping habits. When people like Sacks hear a voice that gives them good advice, the experience can transform them. I am Mrs Herlina, I want to share a testimony of my life to every one. Dr olokun today for your healing spell immediately, thank you sir:

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I have Celiac Disease, and thanks to my doctor I have been grain free for almost two years. (my neurologist thought I was making it up) Since going gluten free I’ve no longer needed allergy medication. Dear Dr Perlmutter, Please your advice for this diet and pregnancy. Cindy, I struggled with depression for many years really ruined my life. I have lost confidence in sleep without Mirtazapine. I know I will have other issues like depression, anxiety, mania,. The tympanic membrane, or ear drum, may need surgical repair when punctured (A). Usually, with improvement in hearing and closure of the eardrum, the tinnitus resolves. If the doctor titles the procedure as Tympanoplasty I. But no fascia plug or graft was used just a gel-foam then EpiDisc was placed on top of the gel foam would this be considered a Tympanic membrane repair instead of Tympanoplasty CPT 69610?. I was wondering if there has been a new procedure since then? Also if you would recommend me getting anouther tympanoplasty? I now have no health insurance and I don’t want to have to pay on something the rest of my life if it is not going to work. His valuable advice are needed in the treatment of Vertigo as tinnitus. Dear Sir, I am pleased that the problem associated with hearing loss, tinnitus, average prices of the past 35 years, hearing loss at 80 (Kboth ears) also increases the adapted homeo medicine can offer. Please leave a cure for pain in the leg. pls suggest medicine for tinnitus, my father, age 72, ear to find the sound on it since past 2, have high blood pressure, no other question, very sensitive in its infancy mind not dedicated to the injury of the ear internal, not present at the hearing, no problem, take CalcArea Fluorica has 6 x Monateaber then 5 is still the same problemepour it, Hiren Vandersfrooss, Rajkotcell no 093280-55541, see medicine. A doctor who makes the steroid that has been ordered, but after discontinuation of the steroid same State of relapse.

When diagnosing Phlegm-Heat, I make a basic distinction between Phlegm-Heat on a physical or mental-emotional level. Hello friends herpes has cure but doctor said herpes has no cure until i met Dr Suku who help me in my life. So i will announced to everyone in this whole world that is HIV positive to please follow my advice and get healed on time, because we all knows that HIV disease is a deadly type,contact Dr. Please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place and if I talk too much! I’m just really starting to feel like my Dr’s have overlooked this possible easy fixable solution rather than sending me down the MS,Parkinsons, autoimmune path. Hope all that makes sense? What did your Dr advice your daughter to do with her low Ferritin level? One of the things that had caused the spate of vertigo, tinnitus etc was frustration at rewriting Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl. In order to be diagnosed with this thing, the doctor has to take a picture of the inside of the intestine (sorry, TMI, I know haha!) and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it it was like I stressed and anger-repressed myself into the ruination of my digestive tract. I drop weigh fast under pressure and have been small all my life. The only treatment we have done (for my 10 year old son) is two short courses of oral prednisone. Dr. Michael Samson at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary trained here with me at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and he, I am sure, would be a wonderful resource for you. But your story does highlight an old, historical relationship that still is valid but which so many modern ophthalmologists have forgotten or have never learned: a focus of infection may cause uveitis or may at the very least aggravate uveitis, i.e. make it more difficult to control, make it flare up more, etc. (please advise me if I was wrong) I was previously on methotrexate for appx. This means that you get worse when you try to stop the medication. Indeed, one may completely avoid using antipsychotics in most patients with schizophrenia, which would significantly increase the chances that they will become healthy, and also increase life expectancy, as antipsychotics kill many patients. Answers please, not a statement of problems and myths, Dr. Healy. My advice is that if someone is taking or planning to take a statin drug, is that they should at least accompany it with some CoQ10. Can the side effects from the statin drugs be reversed as i cant bear the thought of him being in this pain for ever. please help us. thank you wendy marshall. Just a final note my sister who lives in Australia has been on statins for quite some time On the 12 June 2012 she had one coronary artery blocked 95 another was blocked 91 which caused her to have a heart attack whilst undergoing having two stents put in. It has gone on ever since, now mostly in the middle of my head.’. The British Tinnitus Association estimates ten per cent of adults have it mildly all the time, with one in ten of those reporting that it seriously affects their quality of life. While the mechanism of tinnitus is not clearly understood, high stress levels tend to make the condition worse.

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