Anybody else still experiencing muffled hearing and ringing in their ears after the first KOKO gig

Anybody else still experiencing muffled hearing and ringing in their ears after the first KOKO gig 1

The next day my ears were ringing much more than normal – I could tell the high pitched whistle was new – and I must say, I felt sick hearing it as I just knew it wasnt going away. I cancelled one gig, but I’m due back at Pacha this Friday, then KOKO next week, and matter in July. ENT told me that i’m no more likely to make it any worse than anyone else is to get it in the first place so protect your ears like they are sacred and you will be fine. Remember everyone gets a degree of tinitus after clubbing, I still get it worse after clubbing but it drops down after a couple of days. The person on the other end reports still being able to hear me, however, I suppose they could hear me speaking over another source even if bluetooth disconnected. If anyone else has experienced this issue, or has recommendations on how to prevent this from happening, I would appreciate your feedback / additions to this post. I am continuing to experiment, but I’m going to see if the audio source drop can be isolated to the first call placed after the initial bluetooth connection is established. Tallkokomoose May 9, 2013 1:36 PM in response to prmiller Having the same issue with an h19txt. Sometimes instead of sudden silence, the bluetooth would make an extremely loud buzzing sound in my ear. I took my niece to her very first FIRST competition last weekend. Actually, I did have trouble hearing the pit announcements, they were a bit too LOW, at least for my ears. Not referring to you Sean, but unfortunately some folks think that ringing ears is a point of pride. Has anyone else ever tried politely asking for the volume to be turned down?.

Anybody else still experiencing muffled hearing and ringing in their ears after the first KOKO gig 2I wear ear plugs to all gigs and rehearsals I go to and I don’t stare at the sun. Does anyone have any experience of these? There’s still a great stigma surronding protecting your hearing – and unfortunately, most people only realise what great damage they’ve done only after the fact when it’s too late. I do get a little bit of ringing after practices sometimes but it goes away after a half an hour or so. Nothing, but nothing can prepare you for standing at the front at a Swans gig. Being locked inside a blast furnace might help, or standing on the rim of an exploding volcano could do it, to some extent, but there is nothing to compare with the experience of the thundering, rampaging NOISE that this band of malevolent geniuses produce. First off, the set times posted showed the band coming on at 10; a good hour later than any band I’ve seen in London for many years. After opening with a new song, the response from the crowd is positive, and met with Your reward is another new song. Mogwai released their first album in 1997. Lovely to see a band still enjoying their work after 14 long years. Broken Social Scene/Tortoise Live At Koko, 2010.

Anyone else have a memory to share? After the song Charlie and D. Jones had a good laugh about it and then Mick came back there and Charlie told him what had happened and they all laughed about it. So, for all you Gassers out there, never give up hope on scoring some tickets for the Stones, you might get lucky and up, up and away!!!!!!!!!. I remember just about a month ago, at the bell center, my first stones gig. It is really hard to beat that experience. If I told you I experienced going to the dentist, you would assume that I actually went to the dentist. Never underestimate the joy people derive from hearing something they already know. I had never seen anyone use a lanyard or wear one, if that s what you did with them, but that did not keep me from crossing strand over strand again and again until I had made a boxy red and white lanyard for my mother. Soon after their arrival they were taken off on separate tours. Noise: When you first started out, I understand that you spent considerable time at the old Catch a Rising Star to observe some of the best comics in the country.

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Apparantley if ur ears are still ringing 3 days later u go deaf within the month 3Never, it seemed to him, had he studied bacteriology, still less, suffered a fiasco. The little gentleman was the experienced captain of a sailing vessel. Darling Koko! It’s a very nice thing when a man can do something which nobody else can! Then her ringing peal of laughter assured me that a living person stood before me. He suddenly sharted to shake his First Mate, Kaji. Which is how she ended her after stumbling into a smiley-goo covered ball with an insignia on it. Floyd Radford accompanied Johnny Winter’s Band on their fall 1974 tour of Europe and their Fall/Winter 1974-75 tour of America. Not Jong after, the musician signed his first record contract with a major company. While still in high school, Johnny began doing session work and some recording on his own. When he looks at the state of rock in 1973 and says bluntly that it sucks, it’s the voice of experience – of being born an albino, of playing bars for ten years, of grueling tours and rushed albums, and of two years trying to restore a personality from a burnt out shell – that makes his talent so formidanle and his music so enjoyable. After the song ends, Barney whispers something in Hooky’s ear. The first girl snapped, standing up and cutting her eyes at the bookworm. Akako smiled, knowing she wouldn’t be hearing from her for awhile, and put the book next to her before going back to her seat. Akako still swore that she would one day catch up to Kiyoko and their rivalry would be rekindled, only friendly this time. I saw a pair of cat ears moving through the crowd and tried to track ’em down.

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There was a time when the Oscar nominated songs defined their era. It’s anyone’s game. Still, time had already called her attention to the seriousness of her surroundings; for Bessy, the daughter of the house, had begun to shoot up in the most alarming manner, and four or five summers more might make a rival of her. Darling Koko! Thus before dinner I was a lawyer, and after dinner I was artist, poet, and reciter. I boxed her ears for her, first on the right side and then on the left, pushed her into a cupboard and locked the door upon her. After a few minutes of watching her band shuffle around and murmur to each other, she stepped onto the stage in a pair of big black clompy boots yet somehow glided into the spotlight with her head slightly bowed, her mass of blonde curls bouncing and her hands clutching the layers of her long black whooshy net skirt. Was it tempting, having tasted success, to go with what your label wanted rather than what you felt was ringing true for you? I’ve been really happy, even though my new songs are quite emotional! I know how lucky I am but it has been a weird year in many ways so my lyrics reflect the depth of the whole experience. But on first listen, his latest album, which is released this week (and also called Get Cape. What else? By the age of 24, Maya had already played in over 30 countries racking up gigs at the likes of Panorama Bar (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Fabric (London), Trouw (Amsterdam), WHP (Manchester), Spy Bar (Chicago), Watergate (Berlin), Home (Sydney), Verboten (NYC), Zouk (Singapore), Lux (Lisbon), Fuse (Belgium) and Social Club (Paris). It’s just a great big waving flag that announces, incontrovertibly, that Orlando Higginbottom doesn’t give a monkeys what anyone else thinks. The experience taught her to focus more on writing songs that contained some emotional truth.

The sounds of yester-year were guaranteed a fair hearing as they would be on permanent rotation acting as a soundtrack to games of Nintendo, occasional teenage fumbles and ‘what am I all about?’ existential identity crises. Koko’s got better security! It’s the birthday of the atomic bomb today – as the first test was carried on on June 16th 1945 at Los Alamos, New Mexico. There are still echos of The Strokes sound – the rolling guitars of Victory At Monterey, the pounding bass line of Borrowed Time – but this is very much a solo album, and as such has a much more small-scale vibe than one of the band records. Many people are wary of jazz, yet most people fall in love on their first date with it.

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