At any speed above 60mph, I hear a hissing noise near my left ear

Many of these sounds or noises are unique to the Volt and are the result of it’s unique EREV powertrain and plug-in capabilities. My intention here IS NOT to list every possible noise ever observed. We are pretty sure there is no single driver out there who hasn’t experienced, at one point in his driving career, strange or eerie noises coming from the car. Regardless of the type of noise, a sudden screech, knock, rattle or whistle is enough to send the driver into a not so pleasant state: What happened? What’s wrong? Will my car be OK? If the noise does not eventually result in a deadly failure for the car, the driver will likely tend to ignore it, especially because strange noises have a tendency to come and go as they please, often missing for days before reappearing again. Will my car be OK? It usually gets worse over time or as speed increases and it occurs when the wheel is turned. I can hear a tapping noise from the left side of the car when I am driving. I have had a very similar buzzing sound in my head and ears and a weird tingling feeling in my entire body. I put my ear near all the electrical things in my bedroom and all were silent. So I’m seeing total darkness while being paralised n hearing a weird machine noise in my left ear! I even think i’ve found out what the loud buzzing noise i hear is. i believe it’s the teeth grinding together at a rapid speed & it makes it sound like a terrible sound because you can’t open your mouth & it sounds like it does because of that.

At any speed above 60mph, I hear a hissing noise near my left ear 2Some of them call it a buzzing. Normally, we hear sounds only when they make our eardrums vibrate. The injured nerve hairs can no longer send signals from the ear to the tone map. The experience left him with partial hearing loss and a high-pitched ringing in his ears that plagued him for 40 years. The noise that motorcyclists hear at highway speed is largely a function of turbulence. Think of this as the cup over your ears feeling you had for a few hours after a loud concert. Look around the offices of almost any motorcycle publication, and you’re likely to find a bulk dispenser of foam earplugs. However, be forewarned, proper installation of foam earplugs is required for anything close to the NRR protection. It is very weird that a pulsating noise does NOT translate into any vibration! My speed range for when this happens has gravitated to 60-75 MPH since my last post. Right now I’ve put in close to 1000 miles on the two new fronts so I doubt it is the tires. For what its worth, mine was a constant drone or hissing sound over 40 mph.

The noise is related to speed, not RPMs, it seems to be just as loud whether I’m accelerating, or cruising, and doesn’t really start to get loud until 40+ MPH. Everyone who has attempted to listen has agreed that its coming from the engine bay, as I the driver can hear it in my right ear, and the passengers can hear it in their left ear. With the wheel off the car you could not hear any noise or feel any resistance when spinning the hub assembly with the caliper removed. Over the Hill. It sounds like a low pitch humming noise or a buzzing noise and while it’s hard to pinpoint, it sounds like it is coming from the back of the car. I brought it in to my local service center and left it there for a day. Based on when you hear this, I think loose coil windings are the most likely reason. Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ. Last Updated: 18 Feb 2007, by Winter 1935. If it is happening above 1500 rpm, there’s a problem. If it’s just the de-compressor, assuming it’s had basic maintenance and oil changes, unless you are going to get the valve clearances checked while you are in there, don’t bother to open up the engine at all. Noise 5 – Buzzing sound from the front of bike (1997 F). My missing chain tension roller caused a sort of rattling.

The Brain: In The Actually Goes Much Deeper Than That

At any speed above 60mph, I hear a hissing noise near my left ear 3I decided to do my first road test with no ear plugs (something i would never do normally) and what a surprise! Immediately it is noticeable that the air stream is kicked higher toward the top of my helmet at 80KPH and with the shield all the way down but this current of air can be moved to above the helmet with the slightest raising of the screen, and oh the quiet. Now with the lip fitted at speeds over 60 mph and up 100 mph there is calm at the controls and a smile on my face, and although my shoulders still experience some wind blast at speeds over 100 mph the bike itself is rock steady. Hi all, Just out of interest, can wind noise cause damage to hearing? I have a scar behind my left ear from where the helmet strap dug in when I went headfirst into a metal utility pole box. That is, I would not be worried about having done this once, but over a long period of time, bicycle wind noise will probably cause hearing loss: At 20 miles per hour, the wind noise on a bicycle is nearly as loud as the engine noise from my motorcycle at 2-lane speeds. That is, I would not be worried about having done this once, but over a long period of time, bicycle wind noise will probably cause hearing loss: At 20 miles per hour, the wind noise on a bicycle is nearly as loud as the engine noise from my motorcycle at 2-lane speeds. Rattlebars cannot and will not be held responsible for any information or misinformation or problems you may have in using this information. Increasing tire pressure over the Honda recommended spec of 33psi (which is a spec designed for comfort and short tire life) will greatly improve the longevity and handling of all the conventional tires listed below. My Metzeler tires, however, were very poor high speed tires exhibiting dangerous instability and steering inaccuracies at speeds over 90MPH. Besides the typical quiet muffler system you will likely have either a fairing or large windshield that will not only create a dead air space in which you exist with the engine, it also serves to reflect the engine sound effectively doubling it to your ears. Many of the sounds you will hear are normal for the Valkyrie. Any ideas what is wrong? First: During slow start drive I hear this low screeching sound like something is loose. I’m. Hissing sound near brake pedal, stops on brake pedal press. I drive a Ford Fiesta Classic, 2008 model, clocked over 97k kms. I just googled humming noise while driving and the whole page was full of links to different. I used to think Ford made a good car and my whole family drives Fords but now I’m not sure if i’ll buy another one. I just had all my tires replaced and have noticed that now whenever I drive around 60mph the noise becomes almost unbearably loud in the cab. The car is 12 years old, and I’d expect wheel bearings to wear out at any time over 100k miles. I think some folks reported a similar noise as a fuel pump issue and another as a heat deflector near the exhaust. I accelerate from 60mph and up there is this humming sound that sounds like it’s coming from the cluster. When I am backing slowly from garage or turn around the curb or go over the bump with slow speed, I can hear the clunk sound from rear end.

Very Loud, Annoying Road Noise, Tips?

I just got my right front tire patched and I’m wondering if that’s it but I can’t hear it if I roll down the window – wind noise is too loud. Check if it gets louder when you put your ear next to the rear air went. Or have someone else put there ear for you:P. Finally, any time I was over 40mph it was ROARING. I stopped and popped my noise meter microphone into one of the ear cups and rode off again. I can also hear my engine a little, but not much, so it is just the right amount for me. 98 blazer humming noise in r/f. goes away in 4 wheeldrive, I think! One question does the humming sound resemble the noise heard when a truck has over sized tires on it driving down thee interstate. When I slowed to turn onto my road, the noise slowed with speed and went away at about 20 mph and didn’t make any more noise the rest of the way home. I haven’t tried it at 60mph because when I look at the front axle it reminds me of the one on my garden tractor(not big enough for the job). I seem to be having the same trouble with my 2003 Jeep Liberty. At 60mph I feel no difference. When mine went, I could hear ‘another whistle’ or vibration around the engine. It can happen at any speed, stop randomly and start again.

A clunking sounds when you shift gears almost always lies within a transmission, while constant velocity joins or the differential may be the source if the clunking is coming from the underside of your car. No noise no movement any gear automatic transmission 08 f250 column shifts p r n d 123 what likely the problem happened after parked after race. I got the car back to my parents and we left it over night at the garage. My wife an I have a 2009 GMC Acadia we bought in 2010 with around 30K on it. We are also experiencing a power steering problem at low speed. Upon turning into the parking lot, I turn the steering wheel to the left and almost hit someone. When driving at 60 MPH the steering sticks. I no longer hear the noise and the leak is fixed. In a nutshell, Is there any advice one can give to any of these silly moronic driving adversities I seem to be having?. The truth is that when I hear about a serious motorcycle accident, on the evening news, the circumstances are generally a much larger bike, going over 60 mph, out on the interstate. My most enjoyable riding has been between the speeds of 5-45 MPH. I’m so glad to hear that others are scared on the Highway. My car is a Ford Focus, although this problem could occur with any car I guess. The noise varies with speed – get the car up to 30mpg and you can hear a loud rasp from the rear of the car. Once you get over 60mph, it gets quieter again. Sounds like I’ve been lucky gettig 70k miles out of mine! RE: ‘this might have been a clue’ – yes absolutely, although the noise the car makes is not typical of a dodgy wheel bearing and sounds more like a noisy exhaust to my ears. The sound quality and volume is also excellent and the G9 intercom is very easy to use right out of the box. Then the pair will be turned over to H.B.C., who will perform the usual detailed evaluation and pairing tests with his ever-expanding collection of peripherals. We had no trouble hearing the intercom when riding at speeds up to around 60 MPH when wearing ear plugs. If I can listen to music and then call my buddy with no delay that is a winner in my book. November 1987We hesitate to call any car perfect. In my opinion, the Corvette as it stands is fully as much a dual-purpose machine as the stock Jaguar, Triumph, or Austin-Healey. The loudest noise at 60 mph is your heart pounding in anticipation, and normal conversation is utterly impossible at 100 mph. I looked over the weather stripping carefully and it appears to have been installed correctly. That wind noise was right next to my left ear and annoying, but not noticeable if driving under 40 mph. The noise I hear always seems like there is a crosswind no matter the direction and no matter if there is wind or not. But when I drive the vehicle, as soon as I turn the wheel, I hear a loud metal on metal sound. I’ve been jonesing for that sound for my guitar ever since I got to play through one in the early seventies: It was THE sound that Mountain used in Nantucket Sleighride. To my ears, any of the stompbox simulators is probably as good as any another for getting that sound. It has a great growling grind when in slow speed, and gets very close to the Badge sound.

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