Does anybody else have a child with sensitive hearing or with noise sensitivity

Does anybody else have a child with sensitive hearing or with noise sensitivity 1

Does anybody else have a child with sensitive hearing or with noise sensitivity? What did you do? Is there a specific test that the child can have to check for noise sensitivity, or hearing problems that would cause this? When he had a normal hearing test, we were just given a sheet on noise-sensitivity but to be honest, it’s not helped at all. Hi all, my 7 year old son complains his ears are sensitive to noise & is always asking for the tv to be turned down, he hates hand dryers in toile. Does your son’s noise sensitivity impact on his schooling or other situations?. Has suffered from Chronic constipation and withholding since a baby. I have had sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and tactile issues with fabrics my whole life. I don’t want to scare anyone but for me these issues increased over time. She can pick out a sound nobody else can hear until she points it out and makes us listen close and always needs to know what it is.

Does anybody else have a child with sensitive hearing or with noise sensitivity 2It is impossible go anywhere without hearing someone with gum. I can’t stand it and don’t want to become a hermit just so I don’t have to hear it. Anyone else have a sort of fear/horrible reaction to shrill/loud high pitched noises? He is very sensitive to noise and always has been. Does anyone else have this problem? I have had suggestions of headphones with music and noice reduction ear plugs but my girl will not tolerate anything in her ears. I hope your child does not have autism. Has anyone else had this with their lo? I came across hyperacusis (extra sensative hearing), and as I am still nursing my son, I read that certain foods can cause an increase in sensitivity to hearing.

And with little kids screaming as a trigger? The noise actually physically affects me, to the point where I need ear plugs. Did it fuel your decision to be CF? I’m autistic and have super sensitive hearing, screaming and crying kids puts me into almost sensory overload. Screaming acts as a trigger for op’s sound sensitivity. It all started when someone asked, Is sensitivity to noise a part of Aspergers Syndrome or could it be something else? A Small Sample Of What Noise Sensitivity Can Be Like For People With Autism. Someone who is hypersensitive may hear sound as magnified, and the sound may become magnified and distorted; may be super sensitive to a certain sound or sounds at a distance; or may have a hard time concentrating because s/he is very sensitive to background noise. Is any one else sensitive to really high pitch noises? Anyone else can hear a pin drop, while talking to one person, and another is talking behind closed doors, but can’t hear a thing, with multiple noises? Anyone else get accused of listening in and you haven’t, you just hear it, and wish you hadn’t? I am highly sensitive to high pitch noises. I hold my ear, turn away, and certainly don’t hide my frustration with the child who is screaming in the supermarket. My hearing sensitivity really becomes extremely annoying when I am tired.

Sensitive To Particular Noises

Does anyone you know claim to hear noises that you can barely hear? Hyperacusis is a health condition which shows itself as an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound. If your child or toddler is startled easily by noise, have a hearing evaluation done as soon as possible. She hit her head in 3 grade and can hear things no one else hears unless they concentrate really hard. My son has Asperger’s syndrome and is sensitive and has a meltdown if I talk or anyone else talks to loudly, because he said he doesn’t like loud voices or yelling. But it doesn’t always seem to have to do with how loud something is. So I don’t think it’s just sensitivity to loud things, even though sometimes loud sounds do bother her, too. Any thoughts? I’m planning on asking the doctor next time I talk to them, but I’m wondering if anyone else has any insight in the mean time. My DS does this too, we were concerned about sensitive hearing. Baby App for Android Baby App for iPhone. Depending on our exposure to noise hearing sensitivity can start to decline in our twenties. For instance, if someone accidentally scrapes their fork on a plate, I find it extremely painful while everyone else around me looks at me like I’m weird as they found little or no pain at all. I have autism, and I am the beneficiary of Auditory Integration Training. Imagine a sound-sensitive child trying to concentrate in a noisy classroom full of paper shuffling and buzzing lights. In fact, sound sensitivities sometimes recur even after A.I.T. initially treated them. If you are sound-sensitive, you may open your ears now, but we will be sounding the alarm again, so I will warn you of when it is going to happen. Has anyone else noticed, that since the onset of the headache(s), your hearing has gotten super sensitive? For example. I can now tell from across the house if my child has gotten the front door completely shut. I also have super hearing and am noise sensitive. Its quite common to have noise sensitivity with conditions such as migraine and NDPH.

Is Anyone Else Very Sensitive When It Comes To Noise? And With Little Kids Screaming As A Trigger?

I was wondering if anyone here, in any type of episode, gets very sensitive to and agitated by noises. Does anyone else get this way? It’s not an issue with kids having fun, it’s the noise sensitivity. I am extremely sensitive to noise. Oh, and sometimes at night my tinnitus acts up, and the ringing in my ears are blaring and unbearable and renders me unable to sleep. We will move him from the noise if it is possible and he is just melting down, but we don’t go out of our way to avoid noises because (a) this many noises is just part of life; and (b) I feel like it would just increase the problem – avoidance is not a good solution to anxiety, learning that something is not to be feared it is. But my guess is that this is in large part toddler experimentation with communication- he is as much stuck on the routine of being scared, the idea of being scared, and the extra attention as anything else. Remember too kids have have more sensitive ears than grown ups they haven’t fried them yet. Exceptional sensitivity to sounds, vibrations, smells, tastes, textures, touch, temperature, wind, barometric pressure & humidity, certain colours, bright light, fluorescent light, flicker, clu. For example, I have a heightened sense of hearing and can hear low level noises that nobody else seems to hear. I’m also sensitive to noise always telling the kids to turn the TV down. I have anxiety also, but are anyone else with hypersensitivity unable to handle the heat? I am convinced that loud sounds do, in fact, trigger MS least they do for me. At least they do for me. To anyone else this sound would not have bothered them in the least. Later I told my friend about this who has children who have epilepsy and to her it made total sense as the sound was repetitive.

Sensitivity to noise – My 2 year old is always telling me that the tv is too loud, or the radio is too loud, or people are too loud. Some children just have sensitive ears and don’t like loud things. Hearing loss is one of those really sneeky things that can creap up on you without you knowing it. Anyone else have a son/daughter who is scared of loud noises? My ADHD son is 12 years old and has a terrible sensitivity to noises. He’s a really pleasant kid, but it’s like the sounds are so irritating and almost painful to him that he can’t control his reaction to them. He just needs them to stop immediately. Anyone else dealing with this? Yes, my son ADHD, has very sensitive ears! ‘ But if a parent has a persistent concern or feeling that something isn’t right, they should take the next step and look for someone else’s opinion. Although most children get hearing screening as newborns, another screening for an older child is worthwhile. One possible strategy: sensory integration therapy, which Cuthill said might be helpful for kids who are overly sensitive to some sensory inputs, which might be noise or texture or movement or touch. It’s possible that a noise sensitivity has nothing to do with autism and that a child will eventually just outgrow it, said Knight. Very Sensitive hearing – posted in 3-5 Years: My almost 4 year old has always had sensitive hearing. To complete this How-To you will need:. A hearing test for your child. Babies with autism often ignore people trying to get their attention and don’t solicit anyone else’s attention. This sensitivity, called Misophonia, literally means hatred of ordinary sounds. Anyone else get super duper irritated or enraged by certain noises? I actually do have tinnitus and I’m up to about a 60 hearing loss. Known as ‘The Hum’, this sensitivity can, in extreme cases, result in headaches, depression and even, in one instance, suicide. As Crystal explains: ‘Our hearing has evolved to become especially acute at times of extreme danger or stress. ‘Some people are just more sensitive to noise, low frequency or otherwise,’ says Crystal Rolfe. ‘At the beginning I thought: Why can’t anybody hear this?. As he grew older the sound sensitivity intensified to the point that if he heard a diesel engine (bus or truck) he cried and covered his ears. If you listen closely and you have good hearing you can hear it when it is about two miles away. It took a few years of this before I realized that he could hear the train coming long before anyone else could hear it and he had to escape the sound by going into the house. But since Berard AIT has been credited with helping children with speech delays and history of ear infections I decided to take him with us if and when we found an Auditory Integration Training Practitioner.

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