During our first winter we heard strange sounds — loud cracking sounds

Q. My house was built 10 years ago. During our first winter we heard strange sounds — loud cracking sounds. We heard them that spring, too. We’re all here to learn and help each other out – enjoy! A few nights ago I heard the loudest boom I’ve ever heard while indoors, I thought a tree fell on the damn roof, but it was muffled and I could see no trees down. This was our first winter in the new house in New England and just last night the wife and I were running around trying to figure out if our house was about to collapse. /homeowners-hearing-strange-sounds-during-frigid-cold-weather/31449010. Our body makes strange noises all the time. While we lift, turn or move our arm forward, we may hear a clicking noise from the shoulder. When to see a Doctor: If, together with these sounds, you are unable to open or close the mouth all the way, or if the sounds are very loud and sharp, you have probably over-extended the disc fibers.

During our first winter we heard strange sounds -- loud cracking sounds 2Every night my girlfriend and I hear these strange noises in the house and I think it is a typical phenomina. We almost always hear loud banging, creaking, popping, and tapping, and get the feeling of a presence in the room. The noises are just as noticable in the summer as the winter. Haha even this very moment i am hearing the TV popping and clicking noises. Mystery of your fridge’s strange NOISES solved: Scientists finally trace source of loud sounds that haunt kitchens at night. Anyone who has walked into their kitchen at night will have heard it – a series of strange pops and cracks emanating from the refrigerator. Loud cracking noises are particularly a problem in fridges that are designed to be frost-free. Incredibly cute moment a baby sees his mum for the first. The sounds are loud enough to wake you up at night. We do have ducted heating but this is turned off at night. The problem is worse during the winter months, which is obviously due to variations in temperature. However, this does not mean we do not hear it at all during Spring and Summer.

If it’s the fall or winter, then these sounds may coincide with turning on the heat for the first time all season. It’s the sound of the ductwork in your house expanding and contracting with the change in temperature. Remedy the situation by setting traps, calling an exterminator, and making sure all cracks and holes around your home are sealed up tight. Just this past week it has started making very loud popping noises. We have vinyl siding. If there are no interior signs of damage such as ceiling cracks I don’t think that it is a roof issue. Is this your first winter in this home? Is this your first winter in this home? As I said mobiles are known for strange noises, once you get used to them you don’t even hear them. Frost quakes cause strange sounds, light flashes in frigid Midwest. If conditions are just right, the soil or bedrock breaks like a brittle frozen pipe, generating mysterious noises that range from an earthquake-like rumble to sharp cracking sounds sometimes mistaken for falling trees., Lisa Kammes and her family were getting ready for bed earlier this winter when the loud popping noises began. We want to hear from you.

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Loud Cracking and Popping in Ceiling and Walls. My home is 12 years old and the noise issue was not disclosed to us by the previous owner. Our problems are mainly in the winter when the forced air furnace is running. I would hear noises coming from my walls. In many cities around the world strange sounds are being heard coming from the skies. Warning. If you turn up the volume, be aware that there is a loud rooster crowing LOL! I have been hearing this a lot, and finally recorded it. It’s the same grey winter weather, it’s taken with the same camera and at the same location. First we thought about our water pipes from the bathroom (got some trouble with it before), till we recognized, that this sound is coming from outside. Loud explosions have been heard in parts of Canada, and blamed on a phenomenon called frostquakes. Ontario is no stranger to temperatures approaching -20C (-4F) but in recent days the winter freeze has been accompanied by unusual sound effects – bangs waking people up. The loud cracking of frozen soil caused by expanding ice beneath the surface. We have had several over the last couple of weeks, the first on Christmas Eve about 10pm. Debunked: Strange Sounds In Terrace, BC, Canada August 29th. Sounded like a series of loud sound waves (that’s the best way I can describe it didn’t sound like anything I had ever heard before outside perhaps a sci-fi movie). In winter when we have weather as right now with warm high pressure but with temps in the 60s we’ll get shallow inversion over the ocean that will persist all day. Does the cracking and pop sounds your deck makes in cold weather mean it’s going to collapse? I live in central NH and that’s not unusual. My large deck started to make very LOUD cracking and pop sounds as the sun began to set yesterday. When I first heard the noise six years ago, it really startled me. We respect your email privacy. Strange Running Water: You know it’s not the regular sound of the toilet flushing, but something else entirely. Your Pet is in Pre-Vomit Mode: My sister-in-law can wake up from a dead sleep at 3am, sit up straight in bed, and still make it across the room in time to whisk her dog off the carpet and corral her into the bathroom before the puking actually begins. So we hear loud cracking/popping noises sometimes. At first, I thought the roof was coming down on me.

Strange House Noises Explained (and How To Fix Them)

Every winter when we turn the heat on he’s seemed to have forgotten that the radiators make some funky noises and I get that knock on my bedroom door and the little, quavery voice saying, mommy, I hear stuff. There is a weird sleep phenomenon, I know it has been discussed here before. I used to hear the dropping-marbles sound in my dorm room at college. I remember the first winter I lived in an apartment with old fashioned steam pipes. Do you hear the sound in the walls of your house or only up above in the attic? Karen Webb: First, don’t assume there is an animal up there just because you hear something. I am hearing loud movement in my attick and the walls late at night. Strange sounds, rumblings & vibrations are being heard & felt all over the globe. Watch the videos posted here and draw your own conclusions. Our results demonstrate that the Earth’s hum originates mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean during Northern Hemispheric winter, and in the Southern oceans during Southern Hemispheric winter. At first my husband thought I was imagining it but then we had an earthquake and the rumbles have been going ever since and now he hears them too! No, it’s not planes or any otehr air traffic, it’s a deep rumble sounding like it is coming from the depths of the earth!. Extreme cold temperatures during the winter months can result in reports of a little-known phenomenon called cryoseism. 15 at 8:26 am this morning a loud crackling boom came from the roof, shook the house. I live in NE Ohio & we think we might have experienced our first ice quake. We have heard these unusual loud noises day and night really make you wonder what is going on underground? They started in November and still happen- I don’t believe it is the freeze and thaw at all.

It got louder every day until we finally had an exterminator come, and took out a family of. I live in Wisconsin and my windows occasionally make a very loud cracking sound when its cold outside. Weird sound started in the middle of the night and woke me up. The first year living in our new house, my wife and I heard this muffled banging sound. While dealing with the ice and freezing temperatures, what Middle Tennessee residents are actually encountering is a mysterious weather phenomenon called cryoseism. DNA evidence links man to 2012 Cracker Barrel robbery, kidnapping. News. I agree as well, a sound heard all around middle Tennessee from ice pressure? The booms and bangs heard and felt in Southern Ontario during the winter of 2013 and 2014. The aircraft was flying very low over the house at around 02:00h on 25th December 2013, displayed irregular lights (no red and green) and made absolutely no sound! The jury is still out on this! A number of people have submitted reports to us mentioning that they also saw unusual and sometimes very colourful lights in the sky on the nights when booms were heard. Each thump was a dull thud and we determined that the sound was coming from the roof of the side porch, so below the bedrooms but above the ground. In Tottenham our friends heard a loud bang at 03:00h and apparently the whole house shook. I think that in those of us with tinnitus we notice it a lot more, maybe because our auditory pathways are excited already. While the clicking noise is going down in volume with each month. On the positive side my loud TTTTTTTTTT sound is almost gone since my T started month ago. No injury or pain, just this weird noise when I swallow, it’s almost like you hear your throat going up and down or contracting. This year we’ve been having a very strange winter in Northern California. Furthermore, as the ice warmed in the late morning sun it made a variety of strange, loud sounds that echoed off the surrounding granite cliffs. I suppose one could use the speed of sound in ice to calculate a spacing that parallels how humans hear in air, but I just went with my first instinct and was happy with how it sounded. I’ve got the strangest problem going on in my house. My windows are cracking. Then last night, we heard another really loud noise. The strange thing is that these are double-paned windows, and it’s the inside pane on each that has broken. 30 year old houses don’t settle, they’ve useally already done that first few years. Your HVAC system should normally run quietly with only the sound of air coming from the vents. If you hear louder banging sounds when the blower is running, shut the system off. When the fan turns on in your compressor unit, it should not rattle. Recently has the first real cold weather of the season came on we awoke to what I called a droning sound in the house. You also have pain in your upperarm and neck. This could mean that you have an injury tothese areas, which can cause wrist pain. Jun29, 2014 – During our first winter we heard strange sounds — loud cracking sounds. A couple of facts: the house foundation, framing, and roof were all done in January. Lisa Kammes from Sycamore says My husband went to the back yard to check on the booms. My neighbor called police. We heard lots, until we finally fell asleep at 3am.

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