For a year now it has made a very high pitched whistling noise when I let off the gas

I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 AWD T6 and when the engine is cold, there is a high-pitched whistle for about the first half-hour of driving. If I take my foot off the accelerator to let the car coast, I hear the high-pitched whistle. If I accelerate, the sound either disappears or it’s very faint. The pitch of the sound changes with how far I press on the pedal, and if I press the pedal down far enough, the sound stops, but then if I let back off the pedal a little, back to when the squealing started, it starts whistling/squealing again. I have read that cai will make this noise, but why would it just now start doing it? High Pitched Whistling Noise from 2007 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T – Hello people!!! I have a 2007 Volkswagen Passat 2. 2.0 T and couple of weeks now, I’ve been experiencing this very loud high pitched whistling noise from the engine! Comes on in the morning after driving about 5/10mile. However a friend of mine who has same car for over a year discussed with the mechanic who says it’s VACUUM. However, when I accelerated it did not make the sound but when I take my foot off of the gas it does.

For a year now it has made a very high pitched whistling noise when I let off the gas 2Question – I have a high pitched whining noise when the car is in park, – E5. Autosforlife is online now. This is what I was told, but I don’t understand why it is continuous after brake is applied, when in park and when I let off the gas. It is not really a whistle, more like a high pitched whine, like EEEEEE, if that makes sense. I have a Toyota truck that is making a high pitched whining noise but I don’t have power steering so it can’t be the fluid level. If your system does not have a bleeder valve, you can remove the air simply by letting the vehicle idle with the cap off the power steering reservoir. Now every two days I have to add fluid but no sign of a leak that I’ve noticed. I love these guys have used the for years with other Hondas but this is REALLY starting to piss me off and at this point feel they should be REFUNDING my money. That’s because the vacuum gets higher because the engine is sucking against a closed throttle. It’s a high pitch whistle sound when I let off the gas, it happens while driving on the highway, it will last a little while in city driving but eventually stop. It’s how the intake is made, it just always has a slight whistle. I’ve been driving with it for about a year and its starting to annoy me now.

I’m hearing a high pitched noise/winding when my foot is on the gas pedal. It goes away instantly as soon as I let off the gas..anyone experience this on their pilot or have any idea what it could be? Thanks!. Anyone experience this on their pilot or have any idea what it could be? Thanks!. I have my Pilot at the shop now getting the timing belt/water pump changed out. The interior has been well maintained and looks very good for a 7 year old car surviving two infants growing into very active young boys. Join Our Free BMW Community Now. The last couple of days I have noticed a high pitched whistling noise coming from the engine bay. This is really an easy DIY, if you want to do this yourself PM me and I can help you out. Whistling stops when I put in the clutch or let off the gas. Air intake would make sense. I have also noticed a burning smell when leaving the vehicle after it has been driven at length at higher speeds.

I Have A High Pitched Whining Noise When The Car Is In Park

My transmission has always whined pretty loudly when I let off the gas in all gears except 5th. I would change the gear oil and check the primary chain when very hot. Mines whined for 5 years. My last bike, a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit made a whirring noise. The noise is not very loud but just enough to be annoying. This car now has 9500 miles on it and the noise appears to be getting worse as time goes by. That high pitched sound, I got something similar, when the car is cooler, sounds like the fuel rail, makes that sound when I step on the gas and when I let off, it goes away. Maybe it is me that is annoyed by high frequency noises, for example old TVs make some high frequency sounds that not all the people can hear but that can be very annoying to other. Year, color, and model of your car. 012 Ram whistling noise 2012 Dodge Ram Forum. Mine WILL do it with the gas pedal very lightly applied as well I think. Idk about the 2012 year model. As soon as I let off the gas, it pretty much goes away. My ’12 has a high pitched whine at low speeds, havent noticed the RPM, my ’10 did not. I have a 2003 Ford f150 and when it is cold out you can here a high pitch whistle when driving at highway speeds. Is there a correlation between the high pitch whistle and the alternator going bad? I am not sure where it is coming from but it has done it for many years. The whinning goes away if you let off the gas or comes back when you on the gas so it’s not a window seal leak, my is definately coming from a pulley / alt / ps pump. High pitch whistle at a very particular throttle level. The symptom: while accelerating, at a very particular throttle level/pedal angle my engine recently started whistling in a very high pitch. If I let go of the gas or push it in more the sound goes away. If I take my foot off the gas and coast it disappears. I have this problem right now – a low pitch whistle sound at 40 mph. Very high pitched whistle but pretty loud. Sound begins, then once let off the gas again it stops. but not always a dead stop.

High Pitched Noise When Accelerating Only?

Not really, cars are an expensive hobby and I have different priorities now than I had ten years ago. My civic makes a high pitch noise over 5k like that as well, I think in my case it’s the intake, as it gets louder as the engine rpm rises. If the noise starts after you’ve let off the gas, then it might be the alternator pulley freewheeling as it continues spinning faster than the accessory belt speed. Experience has taught me that by the time something makes a noise on a Land Rover that it shouldn’t be, it’s already time to replace it. When does it make the noise? With foot off the gas, no whine. The 2008 Nissan Altima has 19 complaints for whining noise while driving. If you have an Altima, and your transmission makes a high pitched whining noise, I would get your car checked out, but if it isn’t that bad of an issues, then they could make up some bs that it isn’t too bad and charge you 140 for the diagnostic test. Nissan’s NS-2 CVT fluid is very expensive 20.00 per QT. I have a 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD with 44000 miles and still under warranty. I really dont think this whining noise is coming from the intake. Because it only does it at 45 mph and over and the sound is still there even if I let off the gas. It’s a high pitched squealing noise, I even hear it in Park at times.

As my speed increased, the pitch got higher and louder, but again, only when I pushed on the gas pedal. When I let off, it stopped. Engine belts can create a loud, high-pitched squeak or squeal that will drive you and your neighbors crazy. My car is urrently at the mechanics now, I let them know about the noise, so once they call back with the diagnoses I’ll let you know. Hi Vista, A wheel bearing has never made a grinding noise at speeds as low as your describing as far as I know. It sounds like ping to me, use the rest of the fuel in the tank and try using a higher octane gas, just put in about 5 gallons and see if the noise goes away. So I’ve been riding the bike for 3 years and I know how it sounds. Its really noticeable on deceleration when you back off the throttle the whine is massively present. Did you have any luck finding the cause of that noise? Never made a great wheelie. I think its a bad design or something. if you need one now and cant wait for yamaha try el rancho motorcycle recyclers they usually have them mine was 40 plus shipping. Howling is often triggered by a high-pitched sound; many dogs howl at the sound of fire and police sirens. Whining is a high-pitched vocalization, often produced nasally with the mouth closed. If she wanted to sleep near you but the light was on, there was only so long she would put up with it before giving a good groan to let you know you could turn the bloody thing off. I have a rescue Great Dane who is 5 years old now.

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