For some videos the sound is at the ‘normal’ volume which is why I can hear it fine

If I open the youtube video in IE, it works fine. To exit the Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again. I can hear a static sound based on how high the volume is set, but no actual audio. I am using Firefox 27 with YouTube HTML5 beta, and some videos have no sound. Hi there, this is my first post as normally I can find the answer somewhere! Some times, for no apparent reason, some random songs just wont work. When i do the sound test, i can hear out of both headphones. Normally i cant listen to the music with the volume as high as it gets on my computer, but now, it seems that its just as loud at full blast compared to only 30 volume.

For some videos the sound is at the 'normal' volume which is why I can hear it fine 2The sound on my Ipad all of a sudden stopped working, the sound works fine with headphones in and i can change volume but when i unplug the headphones i get absolutely no sound from the speaker what so ever, i can’t even change the volume. My guess is that one or more of those went inside that slot and insulated some connection. Hi I have a sound issue, my iPad speaker will not pick up any sound but I can hear any video or music, I use it for face time I can hear them but they carnt hear me, when I use the camera mode the video works but no sound. Even if your sound is fine on the laptop, if the dial on the speaker itself is turned down, then you won’t hear anything. As you can see, you can mute the volume for a video in YouTube. When something is connected to line out, it will automatically stop the audio from playing through the normal computer speakers. No luck, after this I have experienced some problems with my audio. Voices are super quiet but everything else sounds normal. Use the default setup with you headphones plugged in, you can fine tune your settings later after you’re satisfied they’re working properly. In the bottom left hand corner there should be a small slider next to the larger slider for main volume.

After that I checked all the volume levels are everything is normal. Realtek sound control panel, Windows volume control, Youtube Volume. TL;DR – If watch anything on Youtube I have to turn my Z-5500 speakers ALL the way up (like to 11!) so that I can hear anything at a reasonable level. For some reason Flash player was muted and Firefox was set to half volume. Nope hearing is totally fine. If you’re facing sound issues in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 6, you should try these fixes to get the audio back on your iOS devices. Some iPod Touch users too have been affected by this issue where the iOS device would stop playing any sound (music mostly) and the volume controls are broken. This issue has been around for a long time now and for the few users who are still on iOS 6 (due to various reasons), it can be quite bad, not being able to hear music or sound in videos. In-game, the volume is so low that I can barely hear it. The trick is that some options only affect the sound you hear, like your TV volume, and others only affect the sound you are sending out. Keep your mic to normal settings in windows so its not distorted and then try different values of the mic audio boost. For example try 5, 10, 15, if the mic is really low and record a video to test it a bit. Everyone can hear me just fine on TS.

No Speaker Sound

For some videos the sound is at the 'normal' volume which is why I can hear it fine 3The issue is my microphone output sound, I have this set to maximum on OBS but people can still barely hear me! When using any other voice com like skype, vent, teamspeak and so on, the mic sound is perfect and I can be heard fine, but when I stream it is so low that many people tell me they can’t hear me too well – And I am basically shouting into my mic!. In my case, 8 or 9 was normal levels of volume. Twitch doesn’t allow uploading of pre-recorded video, you’d have to go to some place like YouTube for that. It has tools to set the audio levels to a uniform, accurate volume; multiple methods to create audio fades and four fade styles; intuitive controls for panning sound between speakers, in both stereo and surround sound environments; and much more. Final Cut Pro X contains an impressive number of ways to improve your video’s sound. So, a project that sounds OK during editing can reveal problems when you upload the result to YouTube or burn the video to a Blu-ray disk. Everyone else can hear me with normal volume. Dolby headphone support is not good solution, since it makes all normal sounds ugly. That’s the reason you can see some examples that are louder or softer in the LCast graph in my original post for example, the very last song is Bangarang by Skrillex, which still plays at thunderously high level. (I didn’t realise it when I posted yesterday, but Eric had actually beaten me to it, blogging about this issue just the day before me and he has some interesting other observations to add, especially as he regularly uploads music videos to YouTube. Everything we’ve seen and heard so far suggests this is just a volume control, nothing else. Allowing for some extra peak information in the decoded waveform caused by YouTube’s lossy data-stream, it plays back several dB quieter than the -13 LUFS average. iPad no sound stuck in headphone mode, volume bar will come up but with no adjustment ability. Do this for a couple of minutes as sometimes it gets stuck in headphone mode so this normally undoes that. So my niece spilled some water on my iPad mini and i think some of the water went into the headphone thingy. My iPad 2 sounds like if it’s underwater, I can listen to the above video, sound is fine but watching films and FaceTime no sound. To hear, the ear must change sound into electrical signals which the brain can interpret. Usually this means that hair cells in the cochlea are not working properly or there is a problem with the hearing nerve so that some or all sounds are not being sent to the brain. The test is so sensitive that even a slight hearing loss can be detected and if there is a good response then no further checks are needed. The health professional conducting the test will control the volume of a tone and reduce its loudness until you can no longer hear it.

Youtube Videos Are Really Quiet

Skype isn’t making any sound, I can’t even hear the normal login sound, so imagine having a conversation with someone. About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions. Ok, using the Skype client program main window do:. So sending me to an automated quizz of some sort would help me. Problem & Solution: iPhone 3G S Video and the Not-So-Fine Whine. At first I thought it was the environment, background noise, or just plain interference. However, due to hearing ranges, some people simply can’t hear the noise while others in the room can. When I play spoken voice, it sounds like the Peanuts teacher. If I turn up the volume to the max, I can hear the voices fine, but then the low-frequency music is overwhelming, so that’s not an option. Is there some equalizer setting (I didn’t think the iPod Touch had these but I could be wrong) that I could have screwed up to make this happen?. IPod Touch 4G Video and Music capacity. A ‘vampire’ who still eats normal food. The speakers, the sound card, etc, are therefore working fine. Be sure to check all the volumes. Control Devices, Realtek High Definition Audio, Video Codecs. Hit listen, and if there is a picture of the stereo mix, arrow, and some speakers.

Sound Forge Pro 10 has been the go-to audio editing tool in everything from project studios to radio production rooms, to mastering houses. Play your file and listen to determine whether you can hear the glitch or not. To see this, make a random selection in your filea couple seconds would work just fine. Of course, it plays back at normal speed as you’d expect it to. Use the following steps to setup your Hardware so Snagit can capture Speaker Audio depending on your version of Windows. Click OK to return to the Volume controls. Select the system audio device (Stereo Mix, What You Hear, Speaker Audio, etc.).

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