Forum discussion: I hear what sounds like a scraping noise on wood, and possibly a chewing noise

Discussions in the HubPages Home Forum. I think you need to get it sorted as soon as possible as rats and mice cause fires by chewing through electricity cables. Incredibly, less than half an hour later (as I was struggling to do this) two park rangers arrived at my door with a wooden bird house which they set up in the garden and put all the chicks inside – with the exception of one, which died. I used to hear the noise of what sounded like an animal in the wall, yet it was a solid wall, with no gaps behind it, and there were no signs of a hole for it to have gotten in. Last night I awoke to a odd scraping noise, I thought it was coming from my sk. The sound was coming from in my wardrobe which is a built in wardrobe. I thought it was a mouse at first but as I listened a bit more I could hear plaster from the wall being scraped off slowly but surely. Anyways I’ve started hearing scratching sounds coming from my walls. Bang on the wall and see if you hear any critters scurring for dear life. Could it possibly be a tree branch rustling against the roof when there is a breeze? Had that happen to me a long time ago. The noise happened all three times in the middle of the night. Like 4 a.m. More Discussions.

Forum discussion: I hear what sounds like a scraping noise on wood, and possibly a chewing noise 2It sound like it was an the other side of my plaster wall. Today we saw wood dust outside on the rocks under where I heard the noise. I think our walls are made from drywall so if there isn’t already a hole in my wall is it possible for a mouse to create a hole by chewing the drywall? I think i have rats in the walls. i start to hear scratching when i’m often in my room alone. More Discussions. Ceilings amplify sound like the sounding boards of musical instruments. This is a much larger animal than a rat or bird and it usually easy to tell its presence from the much heavier and slower footfalls and they don’t gnaw wood like the rodents will. Labels: birds, ceiling, gnawing, mice, noise, rats, roof. I NEVER hear clear sounds of chewing. We also discuss methods of sound or noise control in buildings during construction or as a building retrofit. For a complete discussion of howling noises traced to building decks including a completion of discussion of Carolyn’s question above, see HOWLING DECK NOISE- surface textures of decking, possibly framing, deck gaps, wind direction, other factors. Termites or carpenter ants, while tiny as individuals, as a group, chewing away at wood components in a building can make a chewing or tearing noise that some people and many pets or other animals can hear, especially if there is no covering background noise. During a wind storm I hear a sound coming from the front of the house that sounds like a horn sound.

I also slammed the hatch back into place – didn’t hear any scurrying but did continue to hear the munching. I swear, it sounds like something just chewing on the ceiling. I’d like some opinions on what kind of varmint would eat drywall, and do it loud enough to make this kind of crunching noise. Do squirrels chew on wood/drywall? Is it possible this really is a mouse? It sounds like it’s very close to the surface of the wall. If you are quiet enough you can actully ear up the wall and get closer to where it is, and you can hear them diggin away at the wood. And when they’re digging it’s more of a scratching sound not quiet ticking sound like a clock. My ears would hum and feel like it was vibrating from inside at times. She then grabbed one of those cotton swabs with the long wooden stems and removed a bunch of yellowish/brown crust from my ear mixed in with some wax. Have the same problem when swallowing i hear cracking noise in my ears was just the right ear now its both help. I am just wondering if this crackling sound is an ear, nose or eye problem? Thanks for your advice. Popular Discussions.

Mouse In The Wall?

Noises.. especially smacking, gum popping absolutely drive me crazy. Especially smacking, gum popping absolutely drive me crazy. Chewing sounds, my husbands Darth Vadar breathing, and nail clicking are his burden. It honest to god sounds like an animal gnawing or sharpening its teeth. The reason I started this thread is because I can’t figure out where – or why – or how – this scratching noise is coming from inside the walls of my house. It probably is animals gnawing on wood. I then awoke to hear scratching sounds coming from the wall that the couch was against. I have been hearing Little Scratching noises in my walls. I purchased a Huge Wooden platform Spring Trap, just like a small Mouse trap but a huge one, and I took seven inch stove bolts and drilled and fastened the huge trap, set it, and baited it with Peanut butter and banana, then closed the lid, that evening we here a Crash as the huge spring sprung down and viscous crapping upon the attic floor, I waited a bit for the noise to stop, climbed up and opened the lid in the ceiling, and there laying within the trap was a Huge tree Rat, apparently while the roofers were placing a new roof down a tree rat ran the power lines and entered the homes attic. Heard a few noises up in the ceiling, sort of scratching on the plasterboard. Whirlpool Forums Addict. If it sounds like a possum sized animal it’s a rat. A pest control guy told me that you don’t hear mice in a ceiling only rats. I personally think it’s not worth having them come over just to put some poison cause it is possible for them to die on the roof and it’s really gonna stink. I have a co-worker that makes a sound with her mouth like she has cotton mouth and her tongue sticks to the roof or her mouth over and over. People screaming on TV,football games,basketball with the noise their feet make on the wood floors. I have actually shouted at peeps while out t stop scraping. My mom chews loudly and you can hear the food moving around its possibly the most grosses thing. They sound like a wood musical instrument in the chest blowing, also gurgling sound. Few days later I have acid reflux but without any heart burn. i’ve been doing some research and read something about low stomach acid possibly causing these symptoms. Hi Carmel, it’s so good to have someone like you on the forum because you seem to have gained a lot of valuable information.

There Is Something In My Attic

It had some type of insect (beetle with occasional snapping sound) in the old wood. He set it up in his bedroom and when he awoke the next morning, enjoying the fruits of his labors, he heard chewing sounds. From Professor Gene Wengert, Sawing and Drying Forum technical advisor: This insect is called the old house borer. My cat is 14 years old and is grinding her teeth when eating wet food. Discussion in ‘Cat Health and Nutrition’ started by catcuddles, Jul 11, 2009. I am hoping that by giving her dried food will stop her grinding noise, and help her gain weight. Hey the only time ive come across cats grinding their teeth is when they could do with a dental because theyv got alot of tartar on the teeth but if it were 6 months ago that she was given the ok then it might not be this reason, i think ive heard that stress could also be a reason but like u said would have thought shed be doing it all the time, also if shes losing wieght but eating the same amount as what she normally would id deff get her check out ther likely to do a blood test to see if alls ok. EDIT: Ironically, I actually quite like the sound not hate it. A dry wood surface rubbing against another dry surface. Jump To Forum:. I hear so much near me like clothing rubbing against clothing, my dog nails on wooden floor (it’s killing me) and even when I walk. Plus I tried wearing them playing golf and the sound of making contact with the golf ball was way to annoying. They work pretty well in restaurants, and turning the noise reduction up full and focussing the directional mic to the max enabled me to have easy discussions in a bar. As for the overall connectivity, we suggest resetting the network settings and re-pairing the hearing aids to ensure that you have the best pairing possible.

Like the sound you would expect to hear from the old style TVs (when you first turn it on and the TV is still warming up), except amplified 100 times. I was so glad when someone on one of the Comcast forums wrote in about this and provided links. Concerned about the comment of an aspartame brain tumor as I chew a lot of sugar free gum. When I have possible exploding head symptoms, I don’t have any symptoms except sound or light, and sometimes rapid heartbeat if it really startles me. But it sounds like the downstairs neighbours are overreacting – handbrushing at 8. No bare wooden floors above the ground floor, so I have soundproofing, good underlay, and a thick carpet as part of the leasehold terms. As much as I try to stop this from happening there are times when I inadvertently make a noise. I can hear upstairs too thumping across the floorboards and their washing machine makes my windows rattle when it s on spin. It seems like many here have far, far worse sensory integration problems than I do. There are a rare handful of people with autism, but without sensory processing disorder–again, rare, but it’s entirely possible. I can’t stand certain sounds (loud sounds, jingling coins, sudden loud sounds, any bodily sound whether it’s chewing, clearing your throat, burping, farting, whatever) certain sounds make me go insane and frustrated. I can hear anything if everything else is quiet but had trouble distinguishing noises in loud places like a restaurant, the mall, driving on the freeway, etc. In General Autism Discussion. Still, from your description it does not sound like a good noise. If you put your ear up to their chest what do you hear? They are made from hard wood. Casual Discussion. Or are you possibly the person who loves to eat with your mouth open and make people feel angry? Discuss anything related to this topic!. The ‘alarm’ sound on the iphone that sounds like the an ‘incomming alarm’ Loud explosions then a little more abnormal, sandpaper rubbing together. The ‘alarm’ sound on the iphone that sounds like the an ‘incomming alarm’ Loud explosions then a little more abnormal, sandpaper rubbing together. just typing that gives me chills. Also the feel or sound of like, I dunno how to describe it, rough wooden spoons, like that weird feel of them w/e. I don’t hear ringing or other sounds like that that are more typical of Tinnitis. I’m looking forward to a continued discussion on this topic. Could it possibly be due to head trauma? Thank goodness for forums like this! General discussion. No doubt that you have electricity going to the headphones to make the sound. Is it possible that this is a result of shocking? I’ve had these like the past couple of days- I kept getting shocks from listening to my s ty work pc through headphones. But these buildups can occur when your moving around a lot as well during the warmer months, dry air is ideal for static discharges, so turning in your chair in the office or your legs rubbing together on your evening run can also result in static charges. ELI5: Why do some sounds, such as fingernails on a chalkboard, or aluminium cans tearing, cause physical discomfort to some people? (self. The sound resembles the cry of alarm of the primates long way down the evolutionary lane;. Whenever you hear a consonant sound you hear some energy in this range. Also, sounds like scraping on a chalk board have very broad frequency content. Other gestures like the so-called beat gestures, are used in conjunction with speech, keeping time with the rhythm of speech and to emphasize certain words or phrases. An example is the Vitarka mudra, the gesture of discussion and transmission of Buddhist teaching. In the scene it appears that biting one’s thumb in Verona is a non-verbal equivalent of fighting words, probably similar to the middle finger gesture. In Turkey, taking that fist, placing it in the left hand and then pushing it out to make a slapping sound with the wrist of the right hand is even more offensive, and is usually accompanied by a string of obscenities.

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