I also have the broken speaker sound for about a year now

About 4 years ago I noticed that when i talk or listen to others talk sometimes my ears are like broken speakers (if that makes any sense). I have the same broken speaker sound in my ear, went to a dr and passed all the hearing tests. It usually occurs also after a Stapedectomy which I had done recently and now I have a slight broken speaker effect when I hear loud noises and constant pressure changes. I don’t know when I started getting that ‘broken speaker’ sound, or what happened, so that was really interesting to readDid the muscle happen to be the Tesor Tympani or Stapedius?. Also this can result from a floppier eardrum if there has been any trauma or infection there, it can lose that stiffening middle layer of tissue and the two outer layers are very thin skin and then this can cause extra ‘noise’ in the system. In these 5 years, have you noticed any improvement whatsoever? What basically occurs now is that in normal life i get no ear pain or anything, but after listening to any sort of music through headphones or speakers i begin to get ear pain, almost like a pressure build up, in fact i keep trying to equalise my ears but to no avail. Q. I recently purchased a pair of speakers that I use as my fronts, they sound great but sometimes I notice a static, fuzzy, cloudy, distortion sound. I also moved the speakers away from my TV in case there was some signal problems, but no luck. Most people believe that a speaker is blown when it no longer works. Since you have no problem with your existing rear speakers, if they begin to distort on the same output, then you definitely have either an A/V receiver problem, or the other factors that Bob mentioned.

I also have the broken speaker sound for about a year now 2I have inear-bud Beats headset which had extremely low volume from right side. Did all above mentioned checks with no use. (author) Reply 3 years ago. At first it was just occasionally at high volume, now it does it all the time, even on just a few bars of volume. The best way to describe it is that it sounds like the speaker is blown, however I’m not sure if this is even possible? I was wondering if this is covered by Apple as it is obviously a malfunction of the internal parts and not from some misuse or abuse on our part. I really don’t have any extra cash to just run out and buy a new one, but could really use some advice on whether or not the limited 1 year warranty applies to this specific situation or not. Also, since it has been a few months, we no longer have the reciept so if it was covered by the warranty, would this matter (don’t they track the serial number when you log in with your apple id?)?? Thanks in advance for any helpful responses!. Driver damage doesn’t just consist of poked-in speakers, there’s also blown speakers, speakers whose surrounds have dry-rotted and need replacement, speakers with rips and gouges and other problems. 95 of the time, this means you’re replacing a foam surround, which has dried out over the years and is now crumbling in place. Once it’s attached but BEFORE letting it cure, turn the test tone on again.

Broken speakers are pretty but useless, media cabinets are ugly but useful, a synergistic melding of the two objects was all but inevitable. I also used a rotary tool, but I’m sure you could pull this project off without one. Word. At least that’s what I remember from the set I used to own about 15 years ago. I’d kill to have those cabinets to mount some big Audio Nirvana full rangers in. If the problem is now on the other speaker, it’s the amp circuitry. What are the challenges with fixing crackling sounds from laptop speakers? Payam Adlparvar, Over 45 years of Audio and electronic equipment experience. I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 that has crackling sounds coming from the laptop speaker and also the external speakers. Why?. My Acer laptop display was broken and when it was fixed there is no sound coming from my laptop and it cannot detect any problems either:(. I also had this problem, I clicked on the volume icon on the bottom right of my screen then clicked the picture of the speaker about my volume level. I have been living without sound on my PC for more than a YEAR. Register now.

Fix Headphone Broken Cable At Speaker End Sound From One Side)

Last night I was listening to an audiobook to distract me from the sound in my ear 3I have now changed the headphone jack as i thought this may have been interfering, still no sound. The headset worked fine but I could get no sound of my speakers on my iPad 3. It worked for me! Thank you! I tried removing and inserting different headphones and it didn’t seem to work, I also blew in the headphone area but what worked was blowing in the area of the power connector, the sound seems fine for now. After reviewing these solutions to No sound from speaker but yes sound from from earphones I discovered the iPad 1 has a mute and the 4 year old granddaughter figured out how to access and activate it. This year, I decided to take the risk, and the results were extraordinary. I found myself always retreating into music, because good ear buds would pump sound waves straight past my broken ear drums, past those tiny bones, and straight to my brain by way of the auditory nerve which, luckily, managed to remain intact despite the infections. The ear drum was full of holes, and had collapsed onto the middle ear, which itself was also a mess. If it’s really bad, I’ll have to do the surgery in two stages. We will still honour it within the year (starting from purchase date on your receipt) should you encounter any issues covered under the limited warranty. It is also recommended to charge the speaker in the ‘OFF’ position. X-mini Capsule Speakers contain Li-Ion batteries and are charged via USB. Has anyone faced this problem after upgrade? My nexus 5 was good with no problem. Now, the speaker is not working. Headphone is working but there is no external sound. Have you found any way to solve the problem? I think the problem is with Nexus 5 32 GB version, your one is 32 GB or 16 GB? Quote:. I don’t know why now, after a year just right after i installed lollipop. Anyway, i disassamble it, cleaned it and put it back. I also unplugged and re-plugged the battery. Put it back together and I have sound again! It’s possible that it was just the connection to the speaker or battery and maybe I didn’t have to re-seat all those other connectors but I have no way of testing that now. We have a Play:1 at work and the other day the bass on the speaker blew. I also just experienced a blown Play:1. I’ve run my play 1 for a couple years with no trouble, but now sounding a rattle on the bass even at lower volumes (post true play) but turning it off doesn’t fix it. Have a 2008 Chevy HHR with same speaker problems. Now usually during cold weather or rain they don’t work. My wife and I have both owned GM cars for nearly 20 years, based on the quality of my HHR (this is just one issue), I’ll probably be looking to Ford for my next one. Also, I have noticed sound coming out of speakers like static as I drive down the road and the radio is off.

Turn Broken Speakers Into A Snappy Media Cabinet

Traditional stereo sales are falling by 25 year-on-year, Cullen says. The Play 1 definitely outmuscles my Bose speakers for sound quality: the bass is clear, but the treble is distinct too. Now Tyler is all grown up, and Sonos has also come to meet him halfway. Now, to be fair, we haven’t noticed this with our own Moto X Pure Edition, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening; users online report crackling or rattling effects from the phone’s top speaker in specific (the bottom speaker appears to be unaffected), with the most noticeable distortion occurring the louder things get ringtones are supposed to be especially bad. The Nexus 6 was plagued with hardware problems. And Moto Maker delivered a couple of phones to me with bad gap issues and uneven build quality issues last year. The iPod and SoundDock system can also be operated without the remote., CD player), and the same sound infrastructure found in the Portable edition addressing sound problems from the original release. Also bought some new van-damn instrument cables (yep – off ebay – new though) Problem is; I only get sound from one speaker, through the aux on the nad amp. Problem is; I only get sound from one speaker, through the aux on the nad amp. If it is now the other channel that is mute, it is the cartridge or the cartridge/tonearm wiring. These are very delicate and you could have a broken connection here. From 50/year.

My acer aspire 7741 with windows 7. speakers have no sounds. i have no clue what is wrong. I have tried reformatting the laptop and the problem is still here. i also tried re installing the driver. The speakers volume really never went very loud but could it be possible that they may be blown, or could it be another problem? Oh thank you so much! it been almost a year now, and now i have sound. on the link you posted it mentioned that making this change could disable the head phone jack. I would also suggest you run the hardware diagnostics and check if you are able to hear any beeps from the speakers. I assume the audio driver you are using now is the native audio driver that is built into Windows 8. My model is Inspiron 5421 14R,,,i bought is one year ago..sound of the loudspeaker appears and disappears again. If one plays too loud of a sound through a speaker, it can blow – i.e. The now deformed coil doesn’t move correctly due to rubbing or the shape of the deformed magnetic field. 1 year ago. Having audio problems on your Android smartphone? For example, if the phone has problems playing music but the loud speaker is working properly then it might be the song itself that is not working correctly. Speakers, like a phones display, can be repaired by the owner of the phone without too much difficulty, but if your phone is less than a year old and has no signs of physical or liquid damage then your phone is still covered under the manufactures warranty and can often be replaced or repaired for FREE. As you might have noticed the Device Diagnostic Tool can be used to check many of the features and functions on an Android phone, and now that you know how to use it you have one more troubleshooting tool in your belt. Yesterday my Note 2’s external speaker suddenly stopped working during the middle of the day. The phone also does not play the normal tones while booting up, which makes me think it’s not software related. I have not have any problems with my Note 2 since then. I am having the same problem just the speaker suddenly stooped was doing nothing just it stopped i had the cable problem as well suddenly it started to crack from on end u am use to having apple product now shifted to samsung galaxy note 2 and it after one year use it started to collapse doing all sort of rubbish things curse u Samsung not spending another dime on the thing.

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