I had muffled hearing and occasional ringing for about two weeks after that

I had muffled hearing and occasional ringing for about two weeks after that 1

When the eustachian tube does not work properly, people tend to get a sense of pressure or fullness in their ears, muffled hearing, and can progress on to frank ear pain and even middle ear infection if prolonged. If ear pain, ringing, fullness, pressure or a hollow sound persist for 2-3 weeks after your flu resolves, then that would be the appropriate time to see an otolaryngologist, obtain a full ear nose and throat exam and probably a hearing test. Why does my ear suddenly start ringing and stop just as abruptly? My ears were a mess after a rough flight, and about two days into my trip, it started up and lasted about a day, and much, much worse than usual tinnitus. I had muffled hearing and occasional ringing for about two weeks after that. I have suffered two severe bouts of ETD, one after the flu in 2010 lasting 6 weeks before it finally passed and secondly for a 6 month period again following a virus from January until July 2011. It is easy to get upset when nothing changes despite days or weeks of taking nasal spray or decongestant, but please condition yourself to accept that it will take time to resolve. I had an audiogram which showed that I had a mild hearing loss in both ears, but a significant loss in the high frequencies in the left ear, the ear that now had muffled hearing..a feeling of fullness and pressure in it. A feeling of fullness and pressure in it. The other is that I occasionally get a sort of inflammation that causes my sinuses (not my throat or anything else) to close up so I can’t breathe through my nose properly.

I had muffled hearing and occasional ringing for about two weeks after that 2I’ve personally had the ringing for a week until it went away. Give it a day or two, it could go away. I quit listening to earbuds because I would occasionally get ringing from that as well. I don’t want tinnitus, that sounds like the worst thing ever. Right after the concert ended, I noticed my hearing was a little off/muffled but it normalized after a few minutes. My ear still feels completely muffled with nothing in it – sort of the feeling you get when you get water trapped in it. Thankfully, after a few days, everything was back to normal. I occasionally get one side (right or left) of my hearing going suddenly dead with a ringing, then it comes back after 30 seconds or so. It took nearly 2 weeks before my ear returned normal. I have ear sinus pressure, muffled hearing, and general discomfort in one of my ears. Yesterday it had been about 2 weeks since this started — and after taking Sudafed — it had not gone away. But I really don’t suffer too badly except for the muffled hearing and the occasional night when I wake with some weird caustic (or maybe acidic) nasal drip in my throat that nothing will shift. I also have the ringing when it’s quiet around me..this wont lead to hearing loss, will it? I’m praying that somehow this can be flushed/vacuumed out or something on Monday.

I am fifteen, and have not had overexposure to loud noises. The frequency of the ringing used to be about once every couple weeks, but recently increased to every day, and then stopped entirely. Almost everyone gets the occasional ringing in the ears, either without any clear trigger or after exposure to loud sounds, be it at work or socially. Why do ears ring and have limited hearing for a day or two after going to a rock concert? I have a constant ringing in my ears, and occasionally I hear beautiful chimes playing an unknown melody or scale in my left ear. I do have a metal cage around my cervicaal spine because I had a tumor removed and 2 discs rebuilt,it could be that. This muffled hearing is a sign that you have had the volume too loud for too long. Occasionally I would go out and would not notice the buzzing sensation whatsoever, most likely after good periods of non-exposure. So much you read online says that after a a couple weeks or months, what you are left with is permanent. I noticed the last two times, I have ear pain, not ringing or muffled noises, but pain for a couple days after.

Ear Ringing After Rock Concert

I had muffled hearing and occasional ringing for about two weeks after that 3In the previous few weeks I had been listening to music almost every night with these headphones, never would I say at a terribly high volume, but occasionally quite loudly. So for the next four days I experienced some problems with my hearing that I will now outline. I’ll give a brief chronology of the next 4 days: – day 1, stayed the same as after incident – day 2, the ringing died a little, hearing was still muffled, began to get a bit worried – day 3, to my relief the ringing had stopped and across the course of the day I lost the muffledness. The sounds you may hear range from ringing to buzzing, chirping, beating, humming, and roaring. Most people don’t have a problem coping with an intermittent ringing in their ears, but according to the ATA about two million people suffer from tinnitus so acute that it interferes with their ability to function on a daily basis. While tinnitus can affect people of all ages, chronic tinnitus is often a factor of hearing loss due to aging. But for the past few weeks, I had an ear infection(drainage), don’t know the cause. I had to record a club gig the other night, I had my musician’s ear plugs in with the 15db filters. Yesterday I still felt hopeful, but I’ve never had hearing loss and ringing persist for almost 2 whole days before. Been there, in a few weeks you’ll be much much better. I left foam plugs in both ears all day and all night with occasional breaks when things were silent. My hearing was muffled through Sun, but thankfully returned to normal, I think. As others have advised, see a doc this week if you can if it doesn’t get better. What happened in the end, how are you today Owl? hi max, that day was the total end of hearing in that ear for life (not due to any loud rock concerts) & i’ve lived like that ever since & taught myself how to lip-read when necessary, things get really scary if i get occasional ringing in my good ear. don’t know how many times one of my dogs had to lick my face to wake me when i slept on my good ear & didn’t hear my alarm. I had a myringotomy two months ago and immediately after the incision was made my ear started ringing and has not stopped. I had a myringotomy with ear tube on my right side about 8 weeks ago. While I can still hear through headphones, there is no ‘openness’ to my hearing, as my ear is plugged up, with muffled hearing only. I also have loud ringing tinnitus in the affected ear & am worried about nerve damage, although I think the Cochlea still works fine (mostly), I think my eardrum may have ‘died’ or something like it, as it still feels numb & has seen no improvement whatsoever. Suddenly, all the sound from his left side seemed muffled and faint. Two hearing aids: Alan Knight suffered sudden hearing loss. ‘The consultant said if it had been picked up within the first week, I could have been given steroids which may have helped; but the opportunity for treatment had long gone,’ says Alan. The symptoms of SSHL are a sudden drop in hearing, which is either instant or noticed over a few days and is sometimes accompanied by a popping sound, ringing in the ear or dizziness.

My Ears Keep Ringing And I Hear A Very High-pitched Noise Randomly. Is This Something To Worry About?

The Valsalva maneuver had absolutely no effect (no air in). I can now pop them (air in / air out) with slight difficulty but have muffled hearing on the left. What good would the above meds do almost two weeks after the cold symptoms? I feel like they just withhold the bad news:(Do you think this is permanent? I think my cold’s resolved by now, the congestion is gone, I have very little mucus, no phlegm, no cough. Just this damned constant high pitched ringing! I went to the doctors, he had a look in them and said all he could see was wax, there’s no redness or inflammation, so luckily it’s not an infection. He said to use warm olive oil for 2 weeks, and then have it syringed if no better. A similar thing happened to me about a year ago, I could barely hear anything out of my right ear, and I’d occasionally get a light ringing sensation in it also. After mentioning the Earex to the GP, he was very adamant that they do not work, and not to continue using them, just the warm olive oil. This can cause a ringing or roaring in the ears, and even hearing loss. Muffled hearing or hearing loss are other indications of middle ear barotrauma. It is now 3 weeks later. I have tinnitus in my left ear which has been ringing and hissing since 1980. Afterwards, if their hearing is muffled or their ears are ringing, they have suffered NIHL. They say instead you take the higher of the two and add 5 dB to that.

Hi, 3 days ago I had grommets fitted in both my ears to relieve pressure which had built up. It took 2 weeks for me, but after that it was BLISS. I will ring the day surgery unit tomorrow just to find out how long this emergency list is. The sound of the alarm clock buzzing the morning after a lengthy rehearsal or a night at the local club cuts through the early morning calm. The muffled hearing and ringing that could once be relieved with a day s rest are now permanent reminders that one has experienced more than the ears can tolerate. Page 1 of 2. Twenty-two percent of the people in our survey reported that they had nausea and /or vomiting as a symptom. Just a few days after experiencing the above, I had a grand mal seizure which led to me being hospitalized. Actually, two years ago I had sudden hearing loss in my left ear. After about a week my hearing returned to normal. If it was just some ringing and slight hearing loss I would say it is just noise induced hearing loss and some tinnitus. I just sometimes lose hearing in one ear (not exactly losing but it sounds get muffled for a few seconds) and an electric type of sound appears out of nowhere. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) occurs when you lose your hearing very quickly. During this time, sound gradually becomes more muffled or faint. Tinnitus, which occurs when you hear ringing or buzzing sounds in your ear. Sometimes, it may take up to two weeks for your hearing to return to normal.

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