I have 2 red ear sliders and they occasionally make a whinning sound almost like a dog

That’s weird that they aren’t supposed to make noise. I like it! It’s very interesting. In the middle of the night both of mine just make these beautiful sounds and I get up and watch them. I have 2 red ear sliders and they occasionally make a whinning sound almost like a dog. my fiance has been trying to convince me that it’s there nails scratching the glass of their tank. So they have voice box eh?hehe.b4 u noe it u hear them whining in unison! My turtles make noises sometimes it almost sounds like a bark. Twinkie, my dog, 1 Red Foot Tort.2 Yellow Bellied Sliders, 4 Red Eared Sliders. Start treating them like your RES’s when they were small and give them the TLC they deserve. Sick Baby Turtle 1/18/06 Hi, I just bought a little baby turtle from the pet store. I just noticed today that he is making an odd crying noise every time he sticks his head out of the water to breathe or bask, is this a problem I should be concerned about? Respiratory problems are associated with weird noises, bubbles or mucus from the nostrils.

I have 2 red ear sliders and they occasionally make a whinning sound almost like a dog 2Related Articles: Treating Common Illnesses of the Red Ear Slider (& other Emydid Turtles) by Darrel Barton, Turtle eye diseases; Recognising and treating eye diseases in pet turtles by Neale Monks, So your turtle has the Flu? Recognising and treating respiratory infections in pet turtles by Neale Monks, The Care and Keeping of the Red Eared Slider, Trachemys scripta elegans by Darrel Barton, Shell Rot in Turtles, Turtles, Amphibians, Red Eared Slider Care,. 2) not going into water, always sitting on basking stone. On the positive side, keep turtles properly and they rarely get sick. Noticed (3) today i noticed he was breathing heavily n den i cud hear a sound as though he’s finding it difficult to breathe.a wheezing sort of like humans have.but aftr a while it stopped. Just try not to get it in their nose, mouth or eyes but even THEN if you do it’s not lethal to them. If they are soft and cheese-like they need to cleaned out by a vet and treated with antibiotics. Previously when there were fish in her tank she would eat them almost immediately. There are two ways to get your turtle or tortoise question answered here. Will my turtles get sick if they eat their rocks? Last night my dog got ahold of my box turtle.

Some people asked if turtles hide they dont they borrow in the winter! Martha, CA (none) my red eared slider turtles shells look like there peeling and turning brown why is it doing that. We have two red eared snapping turtles that we got while on vacation in SC. One is growing and eating and swims around all day. I can’t get him to eat or play like he was at the pet store.please help. As an owner of two such breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Irish Wolfhounds, I decided to find out as much as I could about this condition – just in case!. Many will lay down in a ‘down’ (Sphinx-like) position but will not roll onto one side or the other and will generally get up and pace again after a minute or so. NB The absence of normal digestive system sounds is not specific for bloat so don’t take this as the only thing you check. He seemed miserable that night, standing up, lying down, unable to get comfortable, and worst, he would come and stare beseechingly into my eyes, and I didn’t know what to do!. Old Crying Red Eared Slider – posted in EMERGENCY CARE: As I wrote on Fri. She obviously can’t rest and sometimes drops her head into th. I hope you can get her back to the vet soon. The bulging neck sounds like how they draw air in. But that’s because 2 of my RES came to me pretty sick and needed oral calcium syrup for quite a while.

FAQs About Turtle Respiratory

Question – My Red-Eared Slider seems to sneeze or at least it sounds like – 97. He lives with two other turtles (Mississippi Maps) in a 40 gallon tank, half-filled with water. It’s not unusual for turtles to become ill while being transported to pet stores, nor is it unusual for the pet stores to house them in improper conditions, and give the new owners inaccurate information on care. Turtles must have a basking area where they can get out of the water, dry off, and bask in very warm light. Do you know, several of your dog’s sleep behaviors are similar to ours and others are inherent?. That is almost half their life! At Stage 2, the animal’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and body temperatures gradually lower. They whimper, growl, make lapping and eating sounds and motions, whine, bark, and/or appear to be chasing something!. Q: I am curious about Henry, one of my red-eared slider turtles. I get to ride horseback through the woods with a friend almost every week. In the spring, Vine Maple leaves unfold like fans and the small blooms emerge, intricate, yellow and red. So it’s best to give them some shade; they can handle full shade. Red-Eared Sliders were exported from their East Coast homes so pet stores could make a lot of money. The Cod we use to make these crunchy sticks is caught in season by local fishermen on small boats from Maine to Cape Cod to Alaska. Have you considered factors like age, size and temperament of your resident dog? Red-eared sliders are prized for their beautiful striped skin and red ear color, as well as their playful personalities. Like most people who think that outdoor cats are happy cats, I didn’t think about the dangers that outdoor cats might encounter such as dogs, other animals, automobiles, open garages and sheds that they could get locked into, abusive humans that could harm them, and the list goes on and on. Many people feel that cats must get their stimulation from outside the home. They get chased all the time by the neighbor’s dogs, and I cannot imagine what would happen if they couldn’t jump fences, climb trees, and run. I also have four red eared sliders (Turtles) and two Albino Rats. I think that pets (turtles, cats or even dogs) will behave depend on how their owner react to them (although I hate using the word owner but this is an exceptional because I use this for general purpose). I think this is a good way to make them feel like they are part of the family. So it is okay to handle my red eared slider Bubbles.


I also have a red-eared slider that I’ve had for 15 years, and she is huge next to him. Sometimes I think I can hear her whining for food, and I half expect her to bark someday. That sound has been identified as claws against glass. They jump around like dogs? I was highly offended by the nonchalant way the person thought it was so acceptable to get a pet for a year or two then throw it away, especially since turtles live so long, that I almost emailed the person just to explain my anger. Hibernates during winter in about 2 feet of soil, a rotted log or tree stump, or stream bank. Loves aquatic animals, fruits, nuts, cultivated grains, birdseed, bird eggs, garbage and occasionally a small mammal or bird. Whimpers, whines, squeals, cries like a baby as a cub. Will also make a buzzing sound by drumming it’s feet. In captivity, they have lived more than 5 years. HtmlCutie pet alligator is facing danger in losing his loving owner. And what happens if they get left out in the sun? No, stories about animal abuse (and it certainly sounds like this is animal abuse) do not kindle a little flint in my heart. For example, if red eared sliders get banned. A ferret which has been bred to be a pet shouldn’t be vicious or bite, but ferret play does include mock combat, and young ones won’t know how hard they can put their teeth on you without hurting you. Just remember, ferrets aren’t malicious, they just need to learn what behavior is acceptable. Yellowish or brownish-red ear wax is normal, but if you see any black substance your pet probably has ear mites, which should be taken care of.

And after doing a cursory search online, there is no place for the turtle to get out of the water and I bet you anything it is fed no fresh food or anything healthy. I don’t really want another pet (I have a hedgehog already), but I can’t stand the thought of the turtle staying here. It’s likely a red ear slider but if it’s an aquatic turtle like such they will likely require similar care. I almost started crying when I saw the little guy. If Turtle has crossed your path: He is usually giving you the message that slow and steady wins the race Pay attention to details in your current. You will get there! He walked on two legs and I put him in the grocery cart like a kid. I know since I had the dream turtles have shown up nearly every where and at the strangest times. Harriet Forrester (Turtle Rescue of New Jersey) is a trained veterinary technician. Barbara carrino 10 May 2011, 17:48 i found 2 baby bird one is dead the other alive. they were lying down on the concrete and it looks like they fell out of the A/C unit. I have three red eared terepin turtles that are in desperate need of a home. The other night I heard what sounded like screaming coming from the back yard. Droopy is an animated cartoon character: an anthropomorphic dog with a droopy face, hence the name Droopy. In the 1993 film Look Who’s Talking Now, Droopy is parodied in a scene where James (John Travolta) and Mikey (David Gallagher) go to a pet store where they see a grouchy Basset Hound who talks exactly like Droopy and says that he hates little boys. Animals held captive in circuses, zoos and other entertainment venues need you to speak out for them. Not many filmmakers realise that even if animals are not treated cruelly during the shoot, they are almost always mistreated behind the scenes. Make a commitment never to buy any animal from a pet market. These terrapins are called red-eared sliders and require access to land as well as water. This sounds like a very nice (hard) pup that’s owned by a nice (Soft) owner. I have purchased two of your dvds on basic dog obedience and pups from 8 weeks to 8 months. It seems the harder I get the more she comes back with a snap and a growl. I have a 10 week old Black and Red German Shepherd puppy.

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