I live in a neighborhood around which hearing the sound of gunfire would not be unusual

I live in a neighborhood around which hearing the sound of gunfire would not be unusual 1

I live in a neighborhood around which hearing the sound of gunfire would not be unusual. Unfortunately, at least for the few days before and after the fourth of July, neither would hearing the sound of firecrackers. It sounded as if the plane were hovering directly overhead. I went online today to see if anyone else witnessed these unusual sounds coming from the sky in this area and came up empty. No one around here knows what it is. I’d like to call the city but not sure who would listen there. I live in north Manchester, and as of last night i started hearing rumbling sounds in the sky, but i couldn’t see anything. The sounds appear to be omni-directional and seem to have no single traced source of. Where I am currently living, we hear those low boom like noises all the time. I live on a large ridge, above an even larger valley, and when someone shoots off a shotgun, the sounds bounces around.

I live in a neighborhood around which hearing the sound of gunfire would not be unusual 2It is very hard to describe in writing what it sounded like, but it was the same both times. I keep hearing the term low tone or low frequency being thrown around. 30 minutes later I heard the same gunfire sounds and called again. But note, that this was a highly unusual situation, and unless the shots are close by, you may not know where they came from just by the sound. Frank Duncan, NRA Life. They sound like blasting and usually (but not always) occur at night. 4, 2015. According to him, a similar boom rocked the area one week ago! One of his friend suggested that it might be sounds from a small earthquake. The trumpets would be heard around the world. The book of Revelations states that there will be seven trumpets sounded during the tribulation period. I believe the booms people are hearing is a binary explosive called Tannerite. It can be bought at gun stores or online and is detonated by a high powered rifle. Strange Sounds collects videos and gives information about the weird noises from the sky and other amazing, unexplained and awesome phenomena around the world. Following Strange Sounds, you will discover different sources for the unexplained strange sounds around the world. I live in Philadelphia, PA and I have been hearing loud noises like planes, but the sound is constant and last almost an hour. Hey John not sure of what it might be in your area but I live in TN close to murfreesboro and constantly here rumbling alot of nights very strange and dont know what to make of it.

Mr. Khalilov, what is the nature of the unusual very low-pitched sounds reported by a great number of people in different parts of the planet since the summer of 2011? Many call them The Sound of the Apocalypse. However, the scale of the observed humming sound in terms of both the area covered and its power far exceeds those that can be generated by the above-mentioned phenomena. I have been hearing this a lot, and finally recorded it. I recorded the sound on my camera, and it was very loud in real life, but it can not be heard so high on the recording, as it was only recorded with a tiny camera microphone I am quite sure that it was not a mechanically sound of helicopter or airplane, or a train, because I know how it sounds. But it’s not the first time mystery explosions have been heard – the A1 road in Catterick was shut on Saturday after similar reports and firefighters were called out to more ‘explosion’ noises in Manchester earlier this week. Met Police said they were aware of a fireworks display in the area, which judging by the amount of people who heard it must have been one of the more spectacular displays during November. A lot of loud noises can be attributed to unusual weather events, such as electrical storms or ferocious thunder storms which often create incredible noise from the sky. In February this year people living in Coventry said they were hearing a loud droning noise ‘like Independence Day’ during stormy weather. I went driving around my neighborhood looking for the source, and I noticed it was louder at night. 10 of people can hear the Hum, and inside isolation is no escape. Many had lived a life of vibroacoustic agony, unsure if what they were hearing was real or not. Kohlhase was so persistent that he contacted Connecticut State Police investigators almost six weeks after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, insisting that the Hum allegedly produced by nearby gas pipelines could have had something to do with Adam Lanza’s behavior leading up to the shooting.

What Does A Gun Shot In The Street Sound Like When You Hear It From A Residence?

I live in a neighborhood around which hearing the sound of gunfire would not be unusual 3It is typically heard by many people at a time (but not others), and can come and go or it can be constant. Hahah hearing some strange sounds up here in fortsmith nwt freaky. Researchers who have dedicated their lives to studying the vast and unique intricacies of the ear have no idea what causes this or how to relieve it. Oh my gosh, it’s so loud, just banging, and Jason would put his head inside the drum during the act, says DiEmilio’s aunt, Carol Roosevelt, who, along with his grandparents, reared him in suburban Philadelphia. I cannot continue to live with this. What’s the biggest noise issue in your neighborhood? If we lived next door to a barking dog, I’d lose my mind. Haven’t seen you around lately. So it’s not unusual to hear hammers and power tools, but again, it’s mostly during the business day, and not at all hours of the night, or every weekend. Their single tones, with a typical volume of 97 112 decibels (dB) at the source, are loud enough to damage hearing and can be heard blocks from the danger zone, says Thalheimer. I’m not sure what forum to post this in, so I’ll try The Gray Area. 4:05am – This is where things start to get weird and my mind starts racing. I start to hear what sounds like anti weapon gun fire or almost as if a battle were taking place in the distance. Did the area go through the civil war?revolutionary war? Could be a battle anniversary? ghost battles and other strange anomies happen to places where many died traumatically, and the wraithlike soldiers can be seen occaisionally wandering around the area. They are better than fireworks. At the sound of gunfire or seeing a shooter or hearing bullets, get down. Do not look around for the person firing; rely on your ears and be prepared to keep moving away from the sound. Forget all equipment; it can either be retrieved or replaced whereas your life cannot. Female Crows mate for life, but males will cheat, which explains the next one:. So please stop with your fucking superiority complex and try to help YOUR people to stop being terrorists and shooting up college campuses. There was no flock around that I noticed but, there are alot of crows in that area. The other im not sure I just remember hearing the bird.

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You know your skeptics will say there is no hum, it’s tinnitus or it’s something like that. We take it as sound, which is weird because it’s not supposed to happen like that but that’s how we experience it. They will drive around their city or their neighborhood or walk around and look for what it is that’s driving them crazy, and they’ll never find it. Remember the Navy yard shooting? Sound can travel as long as there is something for it to travel through. During World War II there were frequent tales of Londoners hearing bombings in France and residents in Dover hearing gun fire from across the Channel. I live in Harpenden six miles away and was loud but not that loudgreg clarke, england With such a loud explosion, will there be a legacy of deafness and/or tinnitus throughout Hemel Hempstead and its environs?John Thomas, UK I live within 5 miles of the Hemel depot. Reports of the explosion were heard around the globe and water levels were effected as far north as London. Therefore, the only sure way to tell if you have a brain tumor or not is to see your doctor and get a brain scan. Symptoms of a seizure can range from sudden, violent shaking and total loss of consciousness to muscle twitching or slight shaking of a limb. Loss of balance Extreme Fatigue Pain in neck and back, limbs trembling NO Loss of balance; pumping or throbbing sensation like hearing heartbeat in right ear; flashing lights or aura around periphery of right eye. It sounded like someone was shoving furniture across the floor. You don’t lock your door, you leave your windows openyou can’t do that around here!

I am not sure what has been visiting my house lately, but it is not a normal animal. I figured that maybe the guy was searching for coyotes or his pet or maybe even the family of deer that lives near my neighborhood, but as soon as I got to the park to rest and look at the stars, I began to feel like I was being watched. A few days ago I went to put my dog outside around 12:30 am so she would not pee on the carpet, I opened the door, but she would not go outside. It started out as a hoot of an owl, but out of nowhere, I heard what sounded like a dog whimpering. We live in Cedar Park, which is not far from Round Rock, TX. I have been hearing a low rumbling, noise that sounds very much like the noises that are being heard in Round Rock, TX. That’s weird. We live in a quiet area, lots of free land around us, l can’t think of anything what it could be. Sounded like someone shooting a gun or banging on something! Stalking, electronic torture, shooting with directed energy weapons from the sky A video and two victims reporting the horrible details. It can take weeks until all pain in the area has disappeared. Far fewer live with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or severe depression, but the numbers are still large: 13. Raising a child alone, she knew, would not be easy. After that day when I got home, hear vibrational sounds in my right ear. I suppered tinitus for 8 months and upon researching in net there no cure for it,,so as days goes on i ignore it but last week i feel dizziness and so sensitive for the noise,im asking dizzinees is normal for the people have tinitus?. Im 22 and for ages I’ve always had tinnitus – ringing mainly in my right ear, gets worse obviously around loud noise ect. A person with normal hearing will hear the sound as louder when it is held near the outer ear; a person with conductive hearing loss will hear the tone as louder when the fork is touching the bone. It is important that the patient not put pressure on the ear for a few days after surgery. I live in the Phila area but would travel. He told me afterwards that somehow the first prosthesis had twisted around (?), though he couldn’t explain how this happened. Official interviews or statements exist for around 200 of these witnesses. A plan of Dealey Plaza with the locations of known witnesses can be found in Josiah Thompson, Six Seconds in Dallas: A Micro Study of the Kennedy Assassination, Bernard Geis Associates, 1967, pp. On hearing the second shot he definitely knew the first was not a firecracker and was of the opinion the shots came from behind him. I immediately ran to the area from which it sounded like the shots had been fired. It does not make a soft phut that you could mistake for a kitten landing on a pillow. An unsilenced gunshot is around 140 to 160 decibels–that’s in the range where hearing it once can permanently damage your ears. So a silencer really just makes a large gun sound like a smaller gun. Infantryman only carries 210 rounds total, which means a battle conducted with full-auto machine gun fire would be over in less than a minute even if you count the time it takes to switch magazines. If indeed this is a fisher cat then it does sounds a bit creepy. I could see how the fisher could be mistaken for an unearthly tormented specter wandering the woods late at night. This size animal would have no problems taking down a deer. After hearing this, our whole staff went into that our euthanasia room and just hugged this man and his dog several minutes past his dog moving on. Not the person you originally responded to, but I live in Flint, MI. Eventually her mother would meet a Canadian that helped liberate the area, and they would fall in love and move to Canada and live happily ever after. He heard a crunching noise behind him, turned around, and a third woman with a machine gun shot him in the chest. The other night I became a total apartment-living clich. You can remind him or her if your lease has a noise clause too, which grants you the right to quiet.

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