I started with tinnitus about 16 months ago, I have no idea why I got this

Just for the beginning, my T is gone but this post is NOT about any meds or books I’m trying to sell, it’s just a non-profit. I have joined the forum in February this year (2014) when I got noise induced Tinnitus. When did it exactly left I have no idea. Hi! i’m 13 and about three months ago i noticed a ringing in my right ear when i was trying to sleep. I started with tinnitus about 16 months ago, I have no idea why I got this. I have had tinnitus for 6 weeks 5 days now, and three doctors have told me it will go one hundred percent. I am 70 and my ringing in the ears problem started since last 12 years. I had no idea how much of a terrible thing this is. I started having moderate tinnitus due to a noise induced hearing loss from a shotgun four months ago with very little improvement if any, so I assume that I’m in this for the long hall too.

I started with tinnitus about 16 months ago, I have no idea why I got this 2I know it’s awful. and I have no idea how or what set it off,. My problems started in the run up to my menopause (I am now 51), when I began to experience extreme anxiety, hot flushes and panic attacks, particularly at night. Submitted 2 months ago by free_gucci_1017. I have no idea why it started, I didn’t go to any concerts or shoot any guns and I usually listen to music at a reasonable volume. All 16 comments. Well, I no longer have a tinnitus problem, though I am not sure to what extent Plasticity contributed to the improvement. I have had tinnitus for 16 months. I got it a month ago, and after a few days of on-line research and loads of horror’ stories I really lost the plot, and upset my wife, who thought I was going to kill myself.

(someone who has absolutely NO IDEA whatsoever) of Oh,.that’s a ringing in the ears isn’t it! Then about 7 months ago I thought I was going crazy when I started hearing what sounded like a flock of birds in my right ear. I had no idea Advil caused ringing or I never would have taken it, not ever! It can be difficult to get inside the experience of someone else, to see what they see, hear what they hear and feel another person’s pain. Tinnitus started for me 13 years ago very suddenly without any apparent cause, the only explanation my audiologist could give me was what he had assessed another person with sudden onset tinnitus that same week who also swam in our local pool, so that

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Does anyone else have this – I have no idea if it is just another wonderful gift from the evil drug Lipitor or maybe a side effect from a concussion I sustained over a year ago. Nowadays (16 months off zocor) it’s gone about half of the time but returns during times of stress. I started taking Vytorin 10/40 two years ago and immediately developed tinnitus. Then I went a couple of days at 10mg and the tinnitus got worse. No loud noise trauma had preceded the tinnitus, as it does for some sufferers it was suddenly just there. If you’ve got ringing in the ears, the first thing you should do is see a psychiatrist, he said. Of the 50 million Americans who experience tinnitus at some point in their lives and the 16 million who are bothered enough to seek help, 2 million have it to a degree so severe that it’s debilitating, according to the American Tinnitus Association. It started about a decade ago in his left ear as a high-frequency hiss, coming and going at first, like an unwelcome houseguest. If you are reading this, you are probably going through withdrawal or you have a friend or family member going through withdrawal. I had no idea what was happening to me. By April 2011, I was so sick and suffering that I began to have constant suicidal ideation. 16 month update. Tinnitus first started last October after a few very stressful weeks, have had some periods of relative quiet, but noise has been unbearable now for about 6 weeks. ‘Many people have mild tinnitus but the brain screens out the noise so they can ignore it. For three months after first visiting that rock concert, he was driven to distraction, unable to sleep or function properly at work. He was diagnosed with tinnitus when he was 21 although he’d actually experienced ringing in both ears since he was 16. He had no idea that sound therapy existed or that relaxation techniques can help to reduce the impact of the tinnitus. I got it about 3-4 months ago, and it’s been driving me nuts. No idea what started it, but it’s happened randomly since further back than I can remember.

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I have been on Tamoxifen for 1 month and start to get tinnitus which occurs all the time (not occasionally), when it’s night it’s worse ’cause it’s much more quiet; and at day time when it’s not very noisy I can feel it as well. It didn’t start until 3 months ago but is with me all the time. I have no idea if it is a SE of any of these meds. I did see an Audiologist and he said that I do have slight hearing loss. Loudness varies, but it can get so intrusive it is hard to think, hear or sleep. Within two months, many patients experience some relief, but the full program takes at least six months to complete. My tinnitus started several years ago in the right ear only. June 30, 2012 at 6:16 pm Reply. I have no idea what to do about my tinnitus, but it is not so bad that it continually bothers me. I also get pulsating tinitus that’s in time and sounds like my heartbeat but never really worried me too much. I’ve been taking it for like 3 months, but about a month in a half in I began noticing that I wasn’t hearing the ringing sound like I had been. When this became noticeable a few years ago I often got out of bed at night and opened the window to try locate this ‘Plane’ I could hear all night long. Anyway, until I get my appointment through, I have no idea what they’ll do with me! The next morning I was partially deaf, then started ringing. That was about three years ago. I have no idea what triggered it. Hmm.

Discussion in ‘Health, Safety and Vaping’ started by stevo1234, Jan 16, 2014. I have experienced hearing loss and tinnitus since I started vaping. Quit smoking 5 months ago and got IBS! It started when I was 5 months pregnant and went straight after the birth. Until I had it I had no idea that it was something that could come on in pregnancy. I have no choice but to just live with it and get on with it – I have 15 weeks of pregnancy left so I think it could be a struggle to get through these. I am 16 weeks and have had constant ringing in my right ear for 2 days and it is driving me crazy, I even turned all of the power off in the house last night to prove that it was me and not something electrical. 3 Posted by champion837 (1402 posts) – 3 years, 7 months ago. I have no idea what that is. I occasional get a high-pitched sound in my ear that has no discernible cause. I have been feeling sick since they installed 16 smart meters on a panel 6 feet away from my building. I have developed respiratory problems and insomnia and anxiety and pressure in my head. I got sick and two weeks ago had a mini-stroke. Then, when a bank of smart meters were put next to our apartment, both my wife and I starting experiencing headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and tinnitus. I have been battling anxiety for months and I had no idea why.

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