If I press the gas, I hear a whining noise from the engine

If your car is making a whining noise and want to figure out if your car needs repair, we can help you out. The power steering pump is located on the front of your engine and usually is driven by a pulley connected to your engine’s crank shaft by one or more belts. Last, the noise you’re hearing may be coming from a vacuum leak so try checking hoses and vacuum connections for leaks. If the car starts making the sound as I’m about to stop at a light then the whole time Im idling the car will be squealing until I press on the gas to resume driving. All you have to do is put the gear selector in drive, and press the gas pedal. The transmission will automatically shift at certain engine RPMs to ensure a smooth acceleration process. Bad Throw Out Bearing: If you’re hearing the whine while the clutch is not engaged, there’s a chance that it’s the throw out bearing. Never heard the noise before..but I soon as I got a timing belt installed I have been hearing it ever since. But I soon as I got a timing belt installed I have been hearing it ever since. Does it change when only accelerating or does it occur also when parked when gas is applied. The whining noise goes with the RPM of the engine, except at idle I can’t hear it (not saying it isn’t still doing it though).

If I press the gas, I hear a whining noise from the engine 2Ok lately I have been hearing this loud whining noise when I press my gas pedal a certain amount. Is not the timing belt. it is the tension on the belt. if the tension to big it pulls the camshaft to much. If you turn down the radio (not off) and rev the gas, does the noise change pitch? Once I got my amp power cable away from the speaker wires the engine sound went away. Common with a bad ground, you said they replaced the deck and upgrades wires, drive into the shop and DEMAND they fix the problem, do not let them charge you, or let them tell you to upgrade the speakers because that is untrue, think of it this way, have you ever drove a cheap beater or a low end chevy, those speakers are just a paper cone nothing special and you never hear any alternator whine from them. Every time i push on the gas, i hear a high pitched noice, kinda like when you wistle. the harder i push, the louder the pitch gets. If the latter you need a filter choke or noise suppressor. Electrical whine maybe? i have the same noise from the motor, when i drive around in parking lots, i like to keep the motor at 2700 and tell myself the car is turbo, that is why it is whistling.

The noise starts as soon as I turn the wheel and hit the gas. It continues to get higher pitched as I accelerate. That’s why you only hear it under hard acceleration. But the fact that it only happens while turning makes me think it’s a power steering or hub bearing problem. I can put it in park and rev the engine and still hear the noise, not instantly, but after a few seconds of pushing on the gas pedal. What could this be?? I am hoping nothing major! I have read on other threads about low power steering fluid causing the noise, but I just checked it and it’s full. It sounds similar to a remote control car or small electric motor, and the pitch raises up when the engine speeds up. If you have a friend do the revving while you listen under the hood, you will be better able to pin point it.

Whining Noise When Pressing Gas Pedal

I notice a low whining / buzzing noise only when I step on the gas pedal. I slowly step on the gas pedal, as the car starts to go, I can hear engine going and this is when the whining noise start. Now, press the clutch pedal in. To check for a bad wheel bearing, give the engine just enough gas to keep the road speed steady neither accelerating nor decelerating. When i press the gas pedal i hear a winning noise but when i let off i dont hear it anymore. I hear a whining noise whenever I hit the gas, wonder if maybe I got a problem, too?:dunno:. I get a whining sound at partial throtle around 2k rpm when then engine is cold only. The Newspaper Sections. A: There are many potential causes for a noise of this type. Do you hear the noise when the engine is running and the vehicle not moving? Anybody has this experience? everytime step on the accelerator pedal the engine has some sort of whining noise to it? cud it be an indicator of the. 2- on an empty straight road: accelerate until you hear the whine, then shift to Neutral and back off the gas. Oo (not installed of course) I then talked to a local Tranny Shop and he just lauched at the Dealers quote – he said he regularly gets these PTs in for Tranny problems and the problem is that the oil filter in the tranny is blocked and the torqueconvertor doesent get any oil pressure built up Fixed if for 450. It also doesn’t sound anything like what I would expect to hear if it were the turbos (not high-pitched or excessively loud), and there is no noticeable amount of smoke from the exhaust or loss of power. I’m concerned about the whining noise I get ONLY when taking my foot off the gas, which is only audible at low speeds. There’s alot of pressure kicking around in that boosted engine.

Whining Noise When Turning And Accelerate

My 2002 AWD Astro Cargo makes a very loud whining noise similar to a air raid siren, only when I press the gas(accelerate) but NOT when I am coasting( foot off gas). Also, if you lift one rear wheel off the ground, start the engine and whiz the tire while you have a stethoscope on the differential (use a really long piece of metal rod) you might be able to better tell what is going on. When I start the truck and give it gas or drive I can hear a loud whining noise, gets louder the faster I go. Its been geting pretty cold up here -15 C and im hearing a whining nosie coming from the engine. it varies on rpms and it sound like its the belt but the whine sounds identical to a supercharger. The noise happens when starting the engine when its cold but once the engine runs for a while the noise begins to get lower and lower until you don’t hear no more. When pressing the gas pedal/accelerator, from 0-40 mph, there’s rattling noise. Even when its in neutral and I press the gas I can hear it. Just wonder. There is also a whine if you have your phone plug into the radio while charging. As you accelerate the whine becomes louder.

Well, since then, every time I accelerate, I hear a whining noise. It whines when I press on the gas, and it stops when im about 50 mph. Learn what mechanics find to be the most common engine noises and where they originate from. If the oil pressure is correct, replacement of the hydraulic tensioners and chain guides would be required. And that’s also why you hear the pinging and rattling noises. Question – I hear a humming noise everytime you press on gas. – IE. Find the answer to this and other Ford questions on JustAnswer. -What type of engine is in your ford? Runs real well but just started humming when you press on gas but if you take foot off gas sound goes away. Its petty but annoying. I Can Hear Something Wrong Let’s see if we can figure out what that noise is. When you press on the gas pedal, the engine makes a clunking noise. Neither of them could tell us what causes this noise. We didn’t hear a difference in volume with the gas cap off (as suggested by someone on another forum), but we found that by pressing on the gas tank, the frequency of the whine changed. This sound is constant, but only when pressing down on the accelerator. If I were to put the car in cruise control, it would start and be constant the entire time. The 950 is a 1 time charge, for bumper-to-bumper coverage for 3 years/ 36k miles this leaves me with 2 options, its a whining noise, so if anyone knows anything about transmissions, and knows what that noise could be coming from, and how much it would cost to get it repaired, PLEASE let me know. Anyway, IHC, when im in neutral it sounds fine. When i rev the engine i dont really hear it but it might be there and im just not hearing it, im not sure. This noise is the rear differential motor assembly. I heard a whining noise sound (from front) when I released the gas pedal if the speed was between 55mph to 60mph. It disappeared if I press the gas pedal or the speed dropped 2-3mph. If your gears are newly installed and still create a howling noise, double-check its preload and make sure that the teeth are properly aligned. When applied, the gear oil in the differential carries this Engine and Metal Treatment to the asperities of the metals to form a covalent, galvanic bond on it. Prolong Your Fuel’s Life with a Fuel Stabilizer Next Post: We Uncover the Myths of How a Waterless Car Wash Works. I don’t hear any noises (whining, crunching or any other noise) at all. It feels like I get hit from the back.

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