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Strange sounds in sky explained by scientists.,my husband tried to capture the sound of the strange rumbling that we had been hearing in the sky for 3 days in a row. However, he speculated that water and granite could hold the key to the mystery. Watch the videos and hear the strange sounds heard round the world. If you haven’t heard any of these strange noises yet, stay tuned, I’m sure they are coming to a town near you very soon. Did anyone hear the loud humming noise coming from sky in Sebastion, FL today? Lasted exactly 15 min. I live in Tennessee and I keep hearing this roaring sound it has been raining but the wind is quiet and it shouldn’t be this loud.

Keep Hearing this Strange Rumbling Sound in the Sky - What is it 2Residents across a huge swathe of south Coventry reported hearing a loud droning sound in the skies at around 2. Strange hum keeping West Seattle awake Seattle. In some instances the noises produced a loud rumbling sound like a thunderstorm but in others Continue. In some instances the noises produced a loud rumbling such as a train, a thunderstorm or the slamming of a heavy door would make. Have you heard strange sounds coming from the sky where you live? I keep hearing a lot of really far out theories, and I find them all fascinating. Mysterious sounds heard and recorded around the world have fueled conspiracy theories. People around the world have reported hearing strange sounds from the skies over the past month. Sometimes they describe it as a hum or low rumble; other times it’s a whine, thump, or even a melody. There are a few things to keep in mind about these strange, ambient sounds; for one thing, there is virtually no place on the planet where noise pollution is not a problem.

More Critical Reads You Need to Hear by Lisa Haven! These very low rumbling sounds are coming from the sky we have been hearing them consistently for over a week now in Alaska the vibration is so we can feel them hit the house and we live far from any towns. When the rim of the glacier of Greenland has melted enough, it cannot keep the unimaginable amounts of weakening ice at bay but it starts to roll into the Arctic Ocean, causing a world wide series of record strong earthquakes and sky high tsunamis to ravish the whole world. In some instances the noises produced a loud rumbling such as a train, a thunderstorm or the slamming of a heavy door would make. States are hearing strange noises in the sky and the mainstream media is reporting on it. Donald Trump to Hold Campaign Rally on Long Island Wednesday Night. A low pitched rumble coming from the sky as it seemed. I walk out of the bed room and hear a strange rattling inside my house now, which i did not hear last night. I have a 30 minute drive to work, and need to make it in 17 so i am afraid i will have to cut this post short, but will keep you all up to date. i would love to hear any opinions/theories on this, and will have news as to other people around the city heard it later tonight.

Sky Noises

I keep on hearing strange sounds emitting from my Wii U 3Kimberly Wookey of Terrace, British Columbia heard scary sounds coming from the sky and so did other residents–but none can explain the mystery noise. A Canada woman was roused from her bed Thursday morning by a deep, rumbling sound emanating from the skies all around her British Columbia home and managed to catch the spooky experience on video. And the Wookey’s weren’t the only people to hear it. With people across Britain claiming to have heard strange noises on Saturday night, we look at several possible causes. Most of the people who said they were hearing loud noises outside their windows were near Croydon, in South London, and the explanation for what they heard is simple. As the fighters sped through the skies to try and reach the plane they created a huge sonic boom, for which they later apologised. The sound starts with a rumbling in the ground, and then the sound continues for roughly 30 minutes or so. Now for the biblical exploration of the strange sky noises. The sounds people have been hearing all over the world have been variously described with exactly those adjectives. (Keep in mind the Bible was 2,000-3,000 years ago) 1. A woman reacts to hearing a strange noise coming from the sky in Texas. The phenomena has been described variably as the blare of a trumpet, a groaning metallic sound, an airplane engine, a loud rumbling, even humming. I hear a loud rumbling noise off in the distance, no joke. MrChrisLent. There’s a low rumbling noise in the sky and I gotta be honest, it’s freaking me out. The weird, loud noises have been heard across several continents, but scientists cannot agree on the reason for the widespread phenomenon. Around two per cent of the world’s population are said to hear a low humming noise at night that, until the 1990s, doctors explained away as tinnitus-related. JAILED: Heartless dog owners who kept Red Setters in some of ‘WORST CONDITIONS’ ever seen.

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For those who can hear the Hum, it can be a very disturbing phenomenon and it has been linked to at least three suicides in the UK. The Scottish Association for Marine Science hypothesised that the nocturnal humming sound heard in Hythe, Hampshire in the UK could be produced by a similar sonic fish. What are the unusual sounds keeping Salford, UK citizens awake? Drogheda, Ireland New Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse? Multiple people reported hearing a loud boom early Wednesday morning in the northern area of Buncombe County. They described a loud thud, rattling, some saw flashes of light and smoke. Rumbling noise in the sky (Victoria). Today is nov 6 2009 we are in florida and havebeen hearing this deep rumbling sound. also,at the same time a black helicoptor was circlingover head and flying in strange patterns. Stay tuned. UPDATE, 9:08pm: The noise is also being heard at Travis Air Force Base, and they re trying to figure out where it s coming from. 183 anon

Where is that strange humming noise coming from. Her Neighbours if they could move Their Sky Dish and She offered to pay for it because She thought it might be that,She has had Neighbours and Family and Friends in but they cannot hear it it is driving Her mad and She is on Tranquilisors,it is not Tinnitus anyone with Tinnitus will know the variety of sounds We are plagued with We neever get any peace,My Sister lives in Whitefield near Manchester UK I am going to visit Her and find out if I can hear it,this Page will assure Her that She is not mad!!!!!!. Omg I have been keeping daily records for almost a year now as well as having environmental health out to record by meter this very problem I am reading above. ‘It sounded like a lorry had stopped outside my window and left its engine idling,’ he explains. All over the country people are plagued by a strange hum. Are their ears playing up, or is it something sinister? ‘We get tired of the ridicule and disbelief and end up keeping quiet about it, but we are, I think, a vital early warning system for greater difficulties to come. The Hum, a mysterious droning sound, has been heard in places like Bristol, England, Bondi, Australia and Taos, N. Reports started trickling in during the 1950s from people who had never heard anything unusual before; suddenly, they were bedeviled by an annoying, low-frequency humming, throbbing or rumbling sound. I have been hearing this weird irritating painful noise since i was very young. Debunked: Strange Sounds In Terrace, BC, Canada August 29th. I can report hearing Burbank Airport jet noise during thick cloudy days, when normally I am way too far away to hear such sounds. Keep in mind, radio waves and other transmission waves can also bounce off clouds. The low rumble of near continuous thunder is punctuated by these THUMPS that shake the house and that you can feel in your chest if you’re outside. A statement from the agency said: If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.

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