My female red eared slide making strange noise

My female red eared slide making strange noise 1

It’s usually males doing to the females, but not always. Good luck and tell us any more info if anything changes. Is it normal for a Red Eared Slider to make kindof drawn out groaning noises? I bet it s funny to hear! Hi- I am quite concerned because my red-earred slider is doing the exact same thing. My female red eared slide making strange noise. i know its a little small tank and a lil camera focus problem, but still u’d like to see her making strange noise.

My female red eared slide making strange noise 2That’s so weird. My turtle has been doing the same thing! I guess, and it is also making a high pitched squealing or squeaking noise! My Red Eared Slider, Tiny, is 6 years old and has been pretty healthy until now. Inability to swim normally can mean fluids in the lungs, and this can be a sure sign of an RTI, especially alongside a bubbly nose, weird sounds when breathing, lack of movement, and so on. Re: Flipping 10/5/14 thank you for the reply, respiratory infection was something that her vet and I had discussed, so we are making plans to have her checked out. the odd thing about it is it only happens after I clean her tank, it never, ever happens any other time and within 24 hours after cleaning it she never flips again until the next cleaning. My turtle, a female of approx. My turtle is spitting! I am new to this message board,and to owning a slider turtle! Are they supposed to make a funny sound when they do it too? Male red eared sliders have long tailsand female red eared sliders have short stubby tails.

You may notice that this page brings information from my box turtle, hatchling turtle, and former health pages together. List of normal turtle occurrences that are not normally cause for alarm: Skin shedding Scute shedding in some species (loss of the see-through shell coverings) Reduction in appetite and activity with the onset of fall for species from temperate areas Increased activity, agitation, and lack of appetite in early summer with females ready to lay eggs. Shell rot will give the shell a strange color, it may be spongy, and it may produce a discharge when squeezed. While Red-Eared Sliders, Painted and Snapping Turtles and other largely aquatic turtles are among the hardiest reptilian pets, providing for gravid (egg-bearing) females can be very difficult failure to do so, however, can result in the turtle’s death. However, very early this morning she was making all kinds of noise so I got up to check on her and she was up on their platform in the sand, digging and digging and pushing the sand into a corner. For the past 2 months I would say, my female RES has laid eggs twice. My Female Sulcata when she eats her jaw makes a popping sound.

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Download Free PDF and Video high pitched noise in ear when yawning. Click Here To Read Your high pitched noise in ear when yawning. My female red eared slide making strange noise. i know its a little small tank and a lil camera focus problem, but still u’d like to see her making strange noise. Red ear slider making strange sound – She has recovered after visiting the vet. Female red ear slider making abnormal sound. Sometimes males will distend their organ neither while mating, nor while in the presence of females. What gets me is the funny vocalisations the male turtles make while in the act. Makes me glad how much love you got for them. Hi, so I have a red eared slider, and I’ve had her for just over 7 years now (she was probably around 3 years old when I got her) but I mainly keep her in a tank, occasionally taking her outside for a few hours in the summer, when it’s warm enough. But plz tell me is it necessary for my female turle to have a partner or female friend. The fluttering claw movements that red eared sliders sometimes exhibit is most often a courtship ritual or mating dance, though not exclusively. The last couple days though, he’s been making a weird noise. I noticed it the first time the other night when I was giving him his bath. I just lost my tort Katiya today and I would hate that to happen to you too. Mondale, Squirt, Angel, red eared sliders ranging from 13-20 years old. The first sign you will see is RESTLESSNESS and just strange or NQR (not quite right) behavior. In my experience bloat seems more likely to happen at night. Stomach sounds – Irish Wolfhound (Carrie Mclean) For what it’s worth, go and have a listen to your hounds’ tummies. Plop down on the floor and put your ear right on their belly. Brekke was a large slender frame female.

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Broody hens often sound rather like cats when approached. Never heard them bark though, Sandie. I had initially believed Night to be male, Although she looked female she definitely acted like a male.:) So I went out and purchased a large aquarium and various supplies, then I went to see a local breeder and bought two painted turtles, and two red eared sliders. While I was at the breeder I also saw and fell in love with a box turtle and just had to have her! So the breeder sold me 5 turtles in all and a tank to keep the box turtle in too! Talk about impulse purchases- I only went there to buy one turtle! I didn’t have a car at the time so I had a wonderful ride home on the bus, with three shoe boxes full of turtles scratching and making various strange noises, and an aquarium, and everyone on the bus giving me very strange looks. Making sure that a red eared slider turtles habitat is as close to their natural habitat will assist in making the red eared slider turtle a healthy and happy life. The average female red eared slider turtle is known to get to be somewhere between 10 and 12 inches. Your going to have to choose the beautiful brand new aquarium or a do it yourself pond liner that may look kind of funny sitting in your house. I have a tough enough time trying to keep my 75 gallon aquarium with clean water with running three filtration systems at once. Males are about twice the size of females, with the smallest females having been recorded being as small as 1. If indeed this is a fisher cat then it does sounds a bit creepy. It was right outside my br window making the weirdest noises, and loud, too! He is also helpful outside in keeping down the red squirrel population – they can chew their way into most houses and then live in the attic.

Owning a red-eared slider turtle can be quite fun and rewarding. There are some unique turtle traits that can help you determine if a red-eared slider is the right pet, or even the right turtle, for you. Avoid making sudden movements. If this still sounds like the pet for you, enjoy the laid back nature of your new pet slider. I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks its strange to name a child ‘River’. I have just named my new red eared slider River as her shell looks like the marbling of pebbles in a shallow part of a riverbed. The reason I don’t like it on a female is because it makes it sound delicate and it takes a strong and adventurous girl to pull it off. They whimper, growl, make lapping and eating sounds and motions, whine, bark, and/or appear to be chasing something!. Q: I am curious about Henry, one of my red-eared slider turtles.

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