Name was walking home one night when he heard some strange noises coming from the local park

Name was walking home one night when he heard some strange noises coming from the local park 1

She was walking home from school and got her key out to let herself in to the house. When I was about seventeen I had gone out back to take some trash out and heard a noise in my backyard that spooked me so I ran inside. He calls her name to ask what’s wrong, but she doesn’t answer, and he realizes she must be asleep. One night she comes over and we are drinking and she tells me her dad has been missing since ahe was in high school. Pictures, videos, gifs, sounds, or even a story, I don’t care. On the side we had come from there was a parking lot with steps leading to the bottom of the gorge but on the far side there were hiking paths with no barrier. The noise stopped as soon as I stooped up and I thought I heard some sounded going away through the woods. This is made especially weird because I’m working in the industrial district at 11:30 at night with none of the other businesses open. One summer night, we’re all sitting around on the orange shag carpeting and watching Star Trek or something, and someone knocks softly at the screen door. He drives the woman to some friend’s house, urges her to call the cops, and motors back to the cottage, wondering if he’s going to be greeted by our massacred corpses. I usually sleep at home with a box fan for white noise but here there was nothing. I asked him what he meant, and he told me that the guy he knew who had lived here had been a meth dealer and self-proclaimed Satanist who used to host weird group sex parties in the name of the dark lord or some shit.

Name was walking home one night when he heard some strange noises coming from the local park 2He swung the door open and there was nothing but the night. Thinking I’d fire off some quick emails, I walked in the dark, small entrance of the building. But when my mom got home she checked the answering machine, and there was a message a few minutes long. One night at about 1am I awoke to hear crying at the bottom of the stairs. Come on Nate!. There is also a screaming woman outside on a certain nights. Bowling Green – Old Mansion Inn – the ghost of Colonel John Waller Hoomes haunts his home. Strange noises have been heard from this locked room. He has been known to beckon young women to come sit with him, and quickly disappearing when accommodated. Insane laughter can be heard coming from the drain at the bottom of the pool. Strange noises are heard by people who live in the Shiloh neighborhood, and lights have been seen as well. Charlotte – McAlpine Creek Park – Trail – Walk this trail at night by yourself. A man came home one day and for some reason he had gone crazy.

Abilene – Fort Phantom Lake – It is known that a lady walking across the lake late at night wearing a wedding dress then a fish jumps out of the water 3 times as she walks by then she disappears. Theater students claim to hear strange noises, some sights of the ghost mainly in the catwalk, and up stairs costume room. Arlington – River Legacy Park – Screaming Bridge – One night after a high school football game a carload of kids were driving fast on a country road just outside of the park. His name was Jack and since he never paid his room his name still stays in the computer log in stays. He later moved from the district and soon died in a car wreck. Bald Knob – Shady Grove Cemetery – When you first walk in the entrance you are greeted by a cold burst of air. Then, down in the auditorium on a certain night, the walls look like they are burning down. Strange noises have been heard in the church, as well as the cemetery. Workers hear noises at night and sometimes lights come off and on. It is said that he haunts the elevator and halls of his home. Some people have seen her walking on the balcony during the service.

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It is said that there where two workers, working alone their one night, and one of the men got caught in one of them machines, got pulled in and died, the other man trying to pull him out got his arm caught and died from loss of blood. Bountiful – Cemetery – Voices heard in the old wood cemetery, strange smells and sounds 1 tombstone was a temple workers for the salt lake temple it is always warm. April addition – there are an enormous amount of cold spots located in both buildings. one hallwaya rececent explorer walked down was almost completly undamaged with grafeti, but apon their second travel down the same hallway all of the sheetrock on the walls had been ripped off and throne onto the floor, they are positive that it was the same hallway. Ashland – Lithia Park – Story of a ghost of a girl who was raped and murdered there in the late 1800’s. People have heard creaks in the floor like he’s walking around. The story goes that she hung her self on her wedding night after catching her husband with another woman. Many strange sounds as well as shadows can be seen and heard whenever visited. A month ago I was on my couch when I looked up from my phone and saw something suddenly dash from the French doors of my living room. Out of nowhere I hear this sound in the back seat area right behind me, (driver side) it wasn’t a sound where it really caught my attention until it got a bit louder as if it was moving in the air. I am home alone, I couldn’t sleep so I was sitting on the couch watching some TV, I had my laptop on in front of me, and I noticed, something small and blackish about the size of the tip of your thumb finger, it came out of no where and I saw it bounce off of the couch, and onto the floow making a little cling noise like a bell makes when it hits the floor. Apparitional sounds of an anonymous young Chinese girl’s cry is heard from the women’s washroom inside this building by staff members, but the crying girl’s spirit is never found. There have been other sightings in Campshacks, by the river, and of course at the Maples, but no one has been able to put a name to those ghosts. The rest of this park has paranormal reports from tourists about spooky footsteps, and the feeling that someone or something is directly behind them. He was seen by his sister, walking along the edge of the pond beside this castle. On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Hamilton County. At night, security guards have heard strange noises and often witness dark, shadowy figures. Dale Park Cemetery and Middle School – The cemetery is said to be haunted by a ghost named Sarah, who appears in a white flowing robe late at night. School – This high school constructed in the 1920s is home to a ghost named Sister Mary Carlos. It’s the sound I heard except on the video it’s constant, for a long period of time. I said do u hear that and he said u mean the plane,,and I was like yes,,don’t u notice the sounds not moving and not going away,,and a few seconds later it just stopped and he was like weird!!,,. There was a very loud BOOM I had heard while walking my dog one morning.

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As my mother told me she suddenly woke up in the night and felt like she was being watched so she sat up and saw a pale figure of a girl wearing a puffy white night-dress and long blond hai r standing at the end of her bed. I was coming home from church one day, and the road we (my mother, sister and I) normally travel was blocked by a recent up-grade to the road. I heard that the new people who moved in had some of the same stuff happen but no one believe s me or them. The strange thing was that it looked the same as my fathers shaddow, same build and everything. Name: Meiling E-mail: tan_meiling50 hotmail. Well, it’s certainly a nice day, Hilda, Dexter heard her say. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to BBC Nottingham website, please visit our new message board. In 1977 whilst walking home down Georges Hill I looked up in the air and couldn’t believe my eyes. One night i heard a knockin at the door,the time was 2 am and so i was amazed anyone was there,when i opened the door i was attacked by what seemed to be a ghostly figure of rolf harris. My husband was a scientist with a BSc and MSc to his name and he was the most disbelieving man when it came to the paranormal. Local Legends andBest Kept Secrets. Here, some of our readers recount their run-in with Big Red:. Over a period of two weeks back in 1977 strange moaning sounds and eerie haunting screams filled the night along Wolfpit Road in Sussex County. He also tells me that is where the name Big Red Eye comes from. I was on my way home from the dentist and was getting ready to pull in my driveway when I noticed the figure of a tall man, maybe 7 feet tall, and it seemed to be very hairy.

When you’re inside, you will hear screaming coming from a distant room in the house. In life, her name was Mary. Strange noises are heard inside the first building where they chopped up the meat. Late at night, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, doors shut, etc. This Victorian era hotel is the home of a ghost that lives in one of the ground floor rooms. At times if you park on the bridge you can hear their screams. It is haunted by the sounds and voices of the Chinese workers who lived and died there, ghostly lights have also been reported. Cries for help can be heard there and occasionally at night a sinister whispering of come here. He would get the local the five-forty-eight. Blake had come home one night, overworked and tired, and had found that Louise had done nothing about getting supper. Entry 1. The audio from this entry has been removed for unknown reasons. A raw clip from Marble Hornets; Alex is filming his friend Brian before he spots The Operator in the background alley and freaks. Jay wakes up to hear strange noises coming from Jessica’s room. Tim part ways after their encounter with Hoody in Rosswood Park, with Tim walking home.

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