Red ear slider making strange sound – She has recovered after visiting the vet

Red ear slider making strange sound – She has recovered after visiting the vet. Female red ear slider making abnormal sound. She has since since recovered after injecting antibiotics. My Red Eared Slider, Tiny, is 6 years old and has been pretty healthy until now. Inability to swim normally can mean fluids in the lungs, and this can be a sure sign of an RTI, especially alongside a bubbly nose, weird sounds when breathing, lack of movement, and so on. The past 3 or 4 times that I have cleaned her tank, after she’s back in the water, she flips herself over and cant turn herself right side up again. Other than that she’s in fantastic shape and the vet sees no reason why she can’t make a complete recovery. Last night I was talking to him and he started to make funny sounds, like he was talking back to me. Is she just getting ready to shed that part of her shell or is she sick. Good luck at the vet, and wishing your little turtle a speedy recovery!

Red ear slider making strange sound - She has recovered after visiting the vet 2She used to eat feeder fish regularly, but I haven’t put any in the tank since she was moved into a 125 gallon tank. Today the turtle is in it’s enclosure and it is kicking it’s legs frantically and opening and closing it’s mouth a lot – not really gasping for air but making a popping sound with his mouth. Go to a vet if your turtle has a serious problem. Shell rot will give the shell a strange color, it may be spongy, and it may produce a discharge when squeezed. If the turtle has a bubbling or runny nose, swollen eyes, and trouble breathing, it may have a respiratory infection. UV radiation from full spectrum natural sunlight or full spectrum fluorescent lights is needed for turtles to make Vitamin D. If turtles do not get the proper lighting or diet, their eyes will swell up and often seal shut. Deformed red-eared slider – right side, in hand. Have you searched the forums for similar situations? Yes Is there any other unusual activity/symptoms? The herp vet near me won’t be back for business until after new years, and doesn’t see small turtles anyway. I am hoping that he will eat, stay warm and recover.

Whether the cost of your Red Ear Slider was small or large, you should try to provide the best care you can give your Slider. As you would with any other pet, find a veterinarian who is qualified to offer care and treatment of a Red Ear Slider. Just like in people, if a bacterium is the agent, antibiotics are used for treatment, and there is a good chance the animal will recover. Also, make sure the turtle has the cleanest possible environment. My Female Sulcata when she eats her jaw makes a popping sound. Hi i have 4 red eared sliders around 1 year old by researching a rough guess on the age as they are around 2 inches. Shame i have no replies yet? after reading my post again it doesn’t look very urgent but i cant stress enough how worried i am for Marley and crumpet. A small amount of open mouth basking was going on. she did choke once.

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However, it is best to have the dog checked out by a veterinarian to rule out problems located in the brain (central vestibular disease). Tumors in the inner ear or in the brain may cause vestibular disease symptoms. Often after 4-5 days the nystagmus episodes should subside. Thank you for this article,it has been so informative,my 14 year old tibetan suddenly developed all these symptons 3 weeks ago,and i was so alarmed,she is making a full recovery,there was so much more information on here than any info i received from the vets,,,. Long-lived, responsive and intelligent, Red-Eared Sliders and similar turtles are among the most popular of reptile pets. Resembling a fish canister filter in general form, it has chambers for carbon, filter pads and aerobic bacteria colonies, and is simple to clean. After realizing he was missing one of his legs, I decided to make him my pet. If I get the zoo med tub would that give her enough room or would she be cramped in that also because the measurements for the only tub which is 13 gallons seems similar to the measurements for the 30 gallon tank she is in. also the zoo med kit does not come with a heater which one do you recommend foe heating the water? I apologize for so many question but I know nothing about turtle keeping and I need to,figure this out fast as the cold weather will soon be upon us. Because, in my many years of experience with vets, have never had such a bad experience as there. She said it sounded like I needed to make an appointment. RW – I have 3 turtles (Red Eared Sliders) and Dr. Tiffany Margolin has been a big help in keeping them all in good health, and teaching me more about proper care of turtles. One giant tortoise named Adwaita is said to have lived 255 years in the Calcutta Zoo he finally died of liver failure in 2006. Give her warm water soaks and offer a small meal after she seems stable. Pilny also shared a survival story about his own red-eared slider water turtle, which somehow vanished one day from his tank. Sorry, but I’m not buying, and it sounds to me like the vet in NY was a little noncommittal himself. But then the weird Thirty years later, who does show Up in an unused closet? same Manuela joyous laughter, And out of the closet she came, To live happ’ly ever after. Red ear slider making strange sound – She has recovered after visiting the vet. She bristled a little and then said, My dogs aren’t senior! Red numbers senior Blue numbers geriatric 18 88 96 109 19 92 101 115 20 96 105 120 Chart developed by Dr. If these symptoms persist even after you’ve modified your dog’s exercise program, visit the vet. Have your vet check your older dog’s teeth at regular exam time, but also do it immediately if you notice a sudden change in his chewing or eating behavior. The advertising literature for some flea control products makes it sound as though your problem will be solved by using just one method of flea control.

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Click on the section you would like to visit or continue scrolling down the page. And it is VITAL that the vet is ferret knowledgeable, so please make sure you find one in your area whom you’re happy with. If you use Revolution regularly on your ferrets, it’d prevent ear mites from happening. After usually 10-15 min, she starts to behave very strange. Terrapins, or Red Eared Sliders, are common pets in Singapore. Visit to the Vet. The vet later called to explain that the sick terrapin might already be having so much fluid in itself that it could not take the injection fluid. Funny thing is that after bringing another seemingly fatal case to my workplace’s patio, he perked up, gained an extraordinary appetite and now even seems a little overweight. Chloe3006, does your turtle have a place where she can lay her eggs? Even in the sit position her front legs will begin to slide out from under her. The second vet does not sound too holistic to me, as I doubt this dog has a thyroid issue if she is thin to begin with. Her elimination is normal, I have to carry her down the 2steps to the yard cause she can make it to the door, just not down the steps. After having my dog die from kidney failure due to Lyme back when they assumed (wrongly) he was protected via vaccines I would always err on precaution and give full dosages of doxycycline if symptomatic.

One morning, I got up to make coffee and spotted Orange, my orange tabby cat, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. But he looked strange. When the six weeks were up, I took Orange back to the vet to have the wires taken off his jaw. The cat I’ve had for all her 16 years never has been outside, she’s very happy following me around, lying on my bed or in a chair sleeping, talking to me and just being brushed while on my lap. I also have four red eared sliders (Turtles) and two Albino Rats. He has made a remarkable recovery and visits us frequently; always with a wagging tail and a kiss for anyone ready to accept. Silly Nugget visits the ER service rarely, but when she does, she likes to make it count. She has been young at heart since, but carries a reminder with her unusual walk. My cat Shonen stopped eating and drinking 3 weeks ago and has lost 3 pounds. She also has pretty much stopped eating and I am worried she will not recover from this. After trying to force her to eat, to no avail, the vet admitted her for 2 days. He seems to be worse off this time,not eating,drinking,wobbly,hiding,making a funny little rumbling noise. In our part of the country, the only poisonous snakes we have to contend with are the copperhead and the cottonmouth. Does this require an immediate vet visit or might it pass? She has a swollen place above her eye on the left side and in that ear is real red. She appears to be feeling some better although she still had a little swelling above her eye and and still red inside her one ear. They usually recover rapidly. Red-eared sliders are an invasive species in some parts of the U.S., where they have out-competed native species for resources. If you have a female turtle, she may lay eggs even without a male presence. Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California is happy to come and visit your sick turtle at home. 9.2 My hedgehog’s had funny-looking stools for a couple of days. The books all say that hedgehogs don’t make much noise.

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