Strange sound over chandler AZ today my boyfriend woke me to Hear the last 5 minutes of it

Strange sound over chandler AZ today my boyfriend woke me to Hear the last 5 minutes of it. I hear constant plane like sounds as well that last a long time. At about 2:40pm, for about 5 minutes straight, i heard loud humming as if it were coming from a jet close by, but wasnt moving or distancing from here at all. So what are these mysterious booms heard and felt across the US in the first days of 2015? Two big blasts woke me about 5 minutes ago few mins apart sound like TNT. The last two years we would hear loud, sonic booms. I dismissed a loud boom that shook my house on the Tn. River a few nights ago due to a neighbor having a cannon but after reading this I’m beginning to think there is more to it than I initially thought. Diamond shape lights while driving south on hwy 85 (AZ)My wife and I were driving south on HWY 85 (AZ) towards the Mexican border. Driving on hwy 10 out ochandler, my brother saw 5 triangle shaped objects, he said they wern’t jets. no noise. One last thing every time I see these objects they always form geometrical shapes in heaven, one time they flew over creating a Hexagon and the last 2 times they created perfect triangles. Black Object Hovering In Chandler FieldMy brother confided this story to me a month after his observation.

Strange sound over chandler AZ today my boyfriend woke me to Hear the last 5 minutes of it 2Hello, Last night I had just laid down to go to sleep when I felt something pop in my head. Today I can feel a burning sensation on the inside of my skull in the same place I felt the pop. What happened to me was more of a pain than a popping sound. I pulled over to the nearest exit and was in shock for about 20 minutes. That was 5 hours ago. Discussions in /r/arizona. Yes- in Chandler, what felt like 2-3 separate pulses. My BF and I thought the cat was under the bed. 20th Street and Bell about 5 minutes ago. Strange most recent uses Sun City West as reference city. Mom shouted earthquake and I thought she was messing with me. I told my boyfriend to look but he said he had a weird feeling and wanted to leave my room. I can handle his presence, but last night before I laid down for bed I had this thought; If you can hear this, then make yourself known in my dreams. About two minutes later I heard it again. I could see that it was the shadow man because over top of me the air seemed darker and more fuzzy plus the outline of of a man, but as soon as I started screaming I started to feel as if I was also being choked. Strange events at our mansion in Chandler Arizona.

During the last 30 minutes of the sighting, aircraft, which appeared to be U. S. Dr. Patel saw my husband last week for a routine physical and to look into possible reasons for high blood pressure. Today we woke up and our daughters eyes are basically swollen shut. He tells me over the phone that he doesn’t take babies. I never give 5 stars but doctor Ish Patel is nothing short of spectacular. Salt lamp display in True REST Float Spa – Tempe, AZ, United States. Floating in these pods helps me relieve all sorts of pain through out my neck, back and hips. Counting to 300 truly helps! The most beautiful sound is the sound of your own heart beat and it’s a sound we so rarely hear. When I entered, I awkwardly stood around for 5 minutes or so while the front desk attendant was in the back.

I Felt A Pop In My Head

Strange sound over chandler AZ today my boyfriend woke me to Hear the last 5 minutes of it 3I find it very strange to this day that I did not wake my wife up. I’m familiar with the signs of bloat, but the video below helped me learn what the symptoms look like in real life. That morning as I woke up, however, I had a strange feeling. Today, I work as an addiction counselor, realizing that God gave me a gift that has a responsibility attached. Then the plane took a huge dip and my heart fell into my stomach. GOD did watch over us and we made it safe and sound. The fist-sized rock has strange round nodules that stick out on the end of stalks and also has very distinct planar layering. I don’t know how these things formed, and it’s driving me nuts! This flight saw the onboard ISS Expedition 5 Crew hand over the station to the fresh Expedition 6 Crew. No sound at all. Today My conjecture on the matter is that Mesa is haunted by the extensive HoHoKam canal system that ran through it in ancient days by a culture who vanished mysteriously. I just moved here to Arizona about 6 months ago with my bf. I have investigated with them several times over the last 6 years! He left and came back after 5 min and said only 1 of you can go down with me to the basement where the man with chest pains was. We’re visiting the Phoenix area with my mom and John this week. It’s our first time in Arizona and we’re pumped to be here!. At one point, I just closed my eyes, gripped Eric’s arm, and prayed I didn’t lose my dinner. The last 30 minutes ticked by in slow motion.


I have had Tom do multiple jobs for me as well as referred him to many of my customers. God bless you all and mom I love and miss you with all my heart. Danielle Green (Atlanta, GA) Danielle Green, Atlanta, Georgia May 26, 2011 Deb – I’ve quit for over 3 years now – your story on whyquit is keeping me strong now and I thank you. March 25, 2011 I am 34 and have quit smoking again. and this is the last time. Today im struggling, so I needed inspiration and came across Deborah’s Page. To the right of the moon i saw a round object flying past me at the same altitue ( i presume ) in the sky travelling at immense speed. I saw a group of strange lights over bristol moving fast there was about five of them racing around at speed separately,they then grouped and seemed to fly away together,I doubted the existence of UFO’s my mind has been changed after tonight has anyone else reported this?? sadly it happened quickly and I got no footage I called my daughter she saw them as well. There was no sound, you couldn’t even hear the planes at cruising altitude they were so high; it was strangely silent that’s the weird thing. 741 n delaware chandler Az. March 26 2012 aprox. I like that I giggled at work for about 5 minutes straight after reading this.

Then they throw a Hail Mary on the last play of the fourth quarter and we get good pressure. Today, I’m covering Hue Jackson in Cleveland and the Giants’ Ben McAdoo, who almost went 88 miles south down the Jersey Turnpike to Philly. One of the things that drove me to write my open letter to NFL players Tuesday was a series of three conversations I had a couple of weeks ago with the principals in an important play in Denver’s Week 16 victory over Cincinnati. Pats, minus-5, against the Chiefs. (5) IH can develop as a result of brain surgery, spinal surgery, or any major trauma to the head. He gave me some pain killers, that did not work and then that was it. He did have a blood patch today. One morning in Oct. 06 I woke up with severe headaches and after 6 weeks of working up the ladder at my HMO, a neurologist finally diagnosed me with CSF leak (SIH). At my last reading my CSF pressure is ZERO. My legs felt pretty jelloish after the 6th fast minute but it was fun to get myself to try moving fast again. -The man is flying in today to hang out in Arizona! You can close the front door and stroll for only 5 minutes to arrive at the ‘High Desert Market’ for fresh pastries and coffee or for pizza and delicious salad across the road at ‘Screaming Banchee’. Keywords: Bisbee,bisbee accommodation,Arizona,Vacation Rental,Old Bisbee rental,short term rental,Guest House,furnished house for rent,Holiday House,Home away from Home,House,fully equipped rental,rental to sleep 4,2 bedroom rental,2 bedroom guest house,home for rent,home for vacation,family rental,reunion rental,short term rental, monthly rental, winter rental,pet friendly rental,rental with laundry,rental with dishwasher. I stayed here with my boyfriend and another couple during Pride 2015. Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall after a car accident puts her in a coma. During an out-of-body experience, she must decide whether to wake up and live a life far different than she had imagined.

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