There’s no doubt that wide stereo sounds are pleasing to the ear

There’s no doubt that wide stereo sounds are pleasing to the ear. It can bring a mix to life or make individual elements shine. It’s certainly a subject I get asked about a lot and something that many producers seem eager to be able to master. There’s no doubt that wide stereo sounds are pleasing to the ear. There’s no doubt that wide stereo sounds are pleasing to the ear.

I am looking for ear phones, I dread the noise every single night 2What matters is not how you get there, but that you do get there. Mastering is the process of taking the stereo mix and putting it in the final album-ready form. And you no doubt have heard the advice use your ears! In these circumstances the hardware box will sound better and more pleasing to the ear. Getting that wide vocal sound. In a live listening environment, the ears and the hearing sense is feeding the brain with exact and extremely complex audio information for interpretation by the brain, occasionally paving the way for truly enjoyable experiences filled with beautiful artistry. The exceptionally wide stereo perspective of the Louis Armstrong recording in demo no. There is no doubt that one is listening to a playback audio stream. Subjective audio is the evaluation of reproduced sound quality by ear. Bloated 1) When describing a phantom image: excessively wide. 2) In stereo reproduction, excessive center fill with inadequate spread.

There is no connection between your naughty bits and sound quality, and you would rightly dismiss my claim as twaddle. One of the primary issues with these myths is that they create FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. Anytime there’s analog/digital situation, it wasn’t his choice. So no training, a little bit of YouTube searching about how things work, how it was set up, how it operated, but the rest of it was hands-on right there. It’s very pleasing to the ear. It’s a very wide sound stage, Lemoine concludes. There is no need to compress music in headphones, for example, to the extent that it is currently compressed. Why do you think the indie rock movement and bands and styles with wide dynamic range like the Pixies, Nirvana and dubstep got so popular? They eschewed the trend of hardline compression with alternating loud and quiet parts. In a stereo, or multi-track recording such as surround sound, there are more axis involving perception of placement, or imaging But the basics are all that are needed to consider this compression matter. But more importantly, the details, subtle bits really are quiet! They will get lost, and so we compress the track overall to make sure those are present in the final mix, and pleasing to the ear too.

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My ears never rang after listening to that, no matter how loud. Wondering when a particular tube in your stereo is going to die, and remembering to plan for this absolute certainty, is more like getting excited about a trip to the dentist. There are some really fine-sounding tubes being made today, he says. Remember, there is no magic bullet in recording or mixing. Much to my amazement and pleasure, I did notice a subtle but very pleasing difference in the stereo separation and placement of the instruments compared to my In the Box mixes. Much respect to your ears and your work, obviously they speak for themselves, and no doubt there is a difference between in the box and broken out mixes (whether one is better or worse is, IMHO, a personal decision) but I think what Graham s trying to do with this post (and really with this whole site) is encourage folks, especially younger musicians, to dive into the art of music making recording/mixing, etc without feeling held back by their lack of experience or proper/expensive recording gear. An SSL Live console, supplied by VER Tour Sound, the latest addition to SSL’s Live partner network, was deployed at front of house for the group’s 10th Annual GREEN 17 TOUR, the band’s countdown to St. Anytime there’s analogue/digital situation, it wasn’t his choice. It’s very pleasing to the ear. It’s a very wide sound stage, adds Lemoine. It’s nice to hear your drummer’s toms go from left to right and hear a true stereo image on your cymbals. I have no doubt in my mind. Bass extension might not be to all tastes. ‘high definition’ are usually associated with picture more than sound. What’s most pleasing is the detail offered by listening to music with a wide dynamic range; even if your music snaps from a whisper to a bang across a bar line, these headphones respond very well to sharp changes of gear. So, provided the solid bass extension isn’t too much for your taste, there’s no doubt that M-Audio has a solid performer on its hands here. Leather cushioned headband and ear cups. This is without a doubt the pinnacle of portability and I’ve yet to experience anything superior in the iem world as a whole. Yes, a few models out there might best it in one area or another, but the final tallied score considered at the end of the game the K10 is literally the best portability experience available. Even compared with my very best in-ear headphones, the Kaiser 10U sounds more accurate and pristine. I hope they continue to bring forth ear pleasing products that many will enjoy. Stereo expanders aim to make your stereo sound stage sound wider. If a fly buzzes toward your right ear, detours beneath your chair and then heads off towards the wall to your left, you don’t perceive muffling of a fat band of frequencies as it passes beneath you and all sorts of phase distortions and wall-reflection artefacts as its position relative to you changes; you just perceive where the fly’s gone, including the height information as well as the fore-and-aft and left-and-right data. The 3D Sound Amplifier is about 35mm high by 130mm wide by 115mm deep, along its largest dimensions (1. There’s apparently no way to order a Bit88 with a different plug.

Myths In Audio

The noise is caused when the neon lamp strikes (lights up). In mode I or II, the LFOs are normally synced to produce a stereo panned or ping-pong pulse, however this sync can be shifted when switching from modes III or IV to modes I or II. Find out just what s inside an Effectrode pedal! This article explores the deep inner workings of tube buffers, comparing and contrasting them with their solid-state transistorised opamp (operational amplifier) equivalents, and suggests why tube circuitry sounds so pleasing to the ear and musical in comparison. Confucius ask, When is Triode not Triode but sound like Triode? There is no doubt that its jewel-like appearance, quality build and finish is impressive, but how it performs is what counts. He replied, To reproduce music that is real and pleasing to the ears. I have read reviews where people say they hear noise even when there is no sound. With treatment however, these monitors provide the flattest response without completely eliminating the warmth and fullness of sound that is typically pleasing to the ears. Wide stereo imaging with very workable lows and highs; they revealed white noise on vocal tracks as well as Hollywood movie mixes, even at adequate volumes. My honest suggestion is: if you are looking for studio monitors with this price in mind, then I would say DEFFINITELY get this. No doubt. Trust me, you will be happy as I am. I’ll return later to the notion that distortion can be pleasing when I explain why some audiophiles prefer vinyl records and tube-based electronics. However, clarity and stereo imaging are greatly affected by room acoustics; without question, the room you listen in has far more effect on sound quality than any of the audio components. There’s no question that LPs and tubes sound different from CDs and solid state gear. In the end all that matters is what sounds good to your ear. Doubt everything you think you know.

While we make a special effort to feature a wide variety of creature sounds, we are not driven by a scientific mandate. The lack of rear openings causes the sound to reflect inside the ear cups, which can cause phase and resonance issues. Attack transients are effortless and immediate, with none of the smearing that I noticed in some of my other headphones, and the stereo image was nearly as wide and expansive as the S3A’s, which was nothing short of astonishing to me. –torchbearer of the Grado legacy — wrought this magic, there’s no doubt that the four improvements combine to deliver one overall benefit: that of refinement. Well, from what you just read, there’s no doubt that beryllium is one wonder metal. Doing so will break the seal and leave you with a tinny sound, devoid of bass. Presentation: In terms of soundstage the Pistons present a very wide stereo image with very good depth and decent height. However, all of these pleasant aspects fade away once you put the headphones in your ears, in sheer awe. There’s no doubt that highly compressed music files, played over tinny laptop speakers or cheap earbuds, leave a lot of room for improvement. There’s no doubt that this playing field’s been blanketed with a saturation of wallet-tempting selections (we’re looking at you MadCatz, Turtle Beach and Astro), but Sony’s official kit has a few tricks up its sleeve for a potential home run. Despite the moniker, it’s capable of virtual 7.1 surround sound and displays onscreen status reports exclusively when used with a PS3. While the button layout on the WSH is pleasing, the same can’t be said of its retractable microphone under the left earcup. Inside the LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 there is a 220mAh battery (as opposed to 195mAh in the Tone Ultra), which is said to be good for up to 17h of talk time or up to 14h of listening to music. Of course, listening to music at these sound levels for longer periods of time is damaging to your ears, so having a louder headset is not necessarily going to make any difference for you. Tone Infinim with less-than-top-quality sound tracks is not pleasing as you can clearly hear clipping and sound distortion. I’m still willing to give it the benefit of a doubt, as I’ve never tried it on a train or a plane, where it’s supposed to shine.

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