Without the constant drone of city noise, suddenly all I can hear is the high pitched whine

The Hum, a persistent, low-frequency noise, audible only to certain people and with no identifiable source, was first reported in the mid-1960s. Sufferers, known as ‘hummers’, have blamed defence radar systems, microwave levels, the increase in noise pollution and, most frequently, British Gas high-pressure transmission pipes. ‘Most people can’t hear the noise, so when you talk about it, they assume you’re ‘hearing things’ and think perhaps you’re going mad,’ she says. In 1991, The Hum suddenly appeared in Taos, New Mexico, where it now affects hundreds of residents and has driven scores to move away. Top 200 commentsshow all 283. Cage entered the chamber expecting to hear silence, but he wrote later, I heard two sounds, one high and one low. I have always heard a high-pitched noise, my entire life, and have talked about it with other people. When I tense my jaw, I can further increase the volume several times. The Bristol hum has blighted sufferers in the city for decades – but what is behind the elusive buzzing noise? It’s not always there but all the comments about an electric hum at night as you are about to sleep really resonate with me. I recently went to the doctor as I was getting stressed and anxious about sounds which I could hear but no one else could, but I could always prove that the sound did exist. Indeed! I have for the past decade or so started becoming aware of a constant noise in my ears, if I concentrate on it, almost like a high-pitched whispering buzz.

Without the constant drone of city noise, suddenly all I can hear is the high pitched whine 2Discover with Strange Sounds news, article and videos about The Hum, loud booming noises and geological oddities. I could hear it about 2km away approaching, sounded like a freight train and at first I thought the wind was carrying the noise, only to realise that there was no wind and no breeze. Scottsdale, Az The sound has been high pitched for about an hour or two at approximately 10:51PM so it started around 9pm. The Hum, a steady, droning sound that’s heard in places as disparate as Taos, New Mexico, Bristol, England, and Largs, Scotland, affects only a small percentage of the population in those areas. It’s also more common in rural or suburban environments; reports of a hum are rare in urban areas, probably because of the steady background noise in crowded cities. Only about 2 percent of the people living in any given Hum-prone area can hear the sound, and most of them are ages 55 to 70, according to a 2003 study by acoustical consultant Geoff Leventhall of Surrey, England. It sends people around here crazy all you can do is put music on to block it out. The essential element that defines the Hum is what is perceived as a persistent low-frequency sound, often described as being comparable to that of a distant diesel engine idling, or to some similar low-pitched sound for which obvious sources (e. Other elements seem to be significantly associated with the Hum, being reported by an important proportion of hearers, but not by all of them. For those who can hear the Hum, it can be a very disturbing phenomenon and it has been linked to at least three suicides in the UK.

Then I realized that the noisea high-pitched dronewas mainly in my right ear. As a graduate student at Upstate Medical Center, in Syracuse, Salvi had set out to identify the neurological signature for tinnitus by treating rats and mice with drugs that injured the auditory nerve; conventional wisdom held that, after damage to the hearing apparatus in the inner ear, increased output from the cochlea would create the constant ringing or buzzing sound perceived as tinnitus. You had a severely deafened animal, and nothing coming out of the inner earno spontaneous activity at all. During basic training, while on the weapons range, we only wore one earplug, so you could hear the instructor when he yelled at you. And the worst twist of all? High frequency sounds are high-pitched noises such as ringing and whistling. ‘This is a distressing condition which affects one in ten Britons at some point in their lives – they experience a constant hissing or ringing noise in the ear without any obvious causes. Than I get up and move around and start noticing suddenly quit a loud humming in the background. But than just now the fridge started to hum and suddenly I notice the humming in the head is gone and the ringing is more pronounced. It could be a hissing sound and a bit of a humming sound but the second im near anything noisy it always just morphs into this electrical current sound,its very strange.

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Without the constant drone of city noise, suddenly all I can hear is the high pitched whine 3This is a noisy city, so the hum would be drowned out for most people. But at night and in the morning, I can hear the like-a-fan-distant-motor-driving-me-batty hum when I am in North Berkeley. It started all of a sudden one day while I awoke from a nap and its been here ever sinc e. This differs from the reports of the taos hum only in frequency, ours is near ultra sound, very high pitched. i would estimate it to be near the frequency emitted by a television ste, neat 1 7000 cps. Much louder today, no wind to mask hum, no snow cover to dampen the hum. Therefore it’s surprising I can hear / sense this very low frequency hum sound and my husband can’t. 12/05/2012 3:30:59, At night, its definitely middle pitch sound not too low but not too high. Without the constant drone of city noise, suddenly all I can hear is the high pitched whine. (And the fact that was back when I was driving means I’ve had it at least a decade – I lost my car at least 7 years ago. But you said that the cause of the sky hum can lie within Earth’s core as well, what does it mean? In many cities around the world strange sounds are being heard coming from the skies. It was in NEWS with the investigation with specialists and scientists, but there is still no exact explanation. The loud trainnoise went away, but in the background I could still hear sounds that sounded like whale noises and metallic bangs. But then I heard the high pitched ringing noise. Make sure that no instrument or patch cable is touching any power cables. Bad ground connection is consistent but 60 cycle hum is directional and if you walk around the room it will come and go depending on the radiation field. Now, shielding your guitar won’t eliminate this kind of noise because it’s picked up by the pickups. I had this constant click happening at a guitar store once. Imagine the incessant, grating sound of buzzing in your ears — or constant beeping, whistling, dripping, or clicking. What nags Morrell almost as much as her condition, is the fear associated with it – that it will get worse. At first I thought I’d go insane, the thought of never hearing silence again, just a constant high pitched ringing.

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I have been hearing a low rumbling, noise that sounds very much like the noises that are being heard in Round Rock, TX. Usually at night when I drive up to location if I shut my truck off I can hear a Constant hum from all Frac equipment in the distance. As you know there’s been a lot of frac activity around San Antonio. The only thing I know for sure is there were no fireworks or thunder according to city dispatcher. VANCOUVER – It was around Christmas three years ago when Goff Longworth first heard the mysterious hum. He was at home when all of a sudden it started. Those who hear The Hum say the low-frequency noise is greater indoors than outdoors, and many can also hear it in a car when the engine is turned off. While Victoria is not currently investigating the problem, Dan Scoones, a senior bylaw officer with the city, has no doubt it exists. I just wanted to add that I also have constant tinnitus (I have up not focus on it or it drives me nuts) and every so often it suddenly gets blaringly loud (sometimes just in one ear). Scientists have confirmed the cause of a strange humming noise that emanates from the Earth and has baffled people for more than forty years – and was even a factor in one reported suicide. People living on the south coast have complained this week of a constant and low-pitched sound for which they have found no cause – as reported by Plymouth Herald. They can be heard by a relatively small proportion of people – who are sensitive to the hums – and also by seismic instruments. Sometimes I hear not a low hum but a high pitched noise, like a mechanical sound or like steel plates rubbing against one another.

. January 1, 2014 by Timothytrespas High Frequency Loud Ringing Inside of my head. Normal human hearing, (in those without age, or damage from loud sounds or injury) ranges from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz (or 20 Kilohertz). Now the only sound I hear is a high pitched ringing and it has taken over my hearing, thoughts, and what I say. I switched off all the equipment and could still faintly hear a low, almost mains hum in our bedroom, it is officially reported to be between 40-80 Hz. I have talked with many other people that live in various parts of the city and they have been hearing this noise as well for the past month. It is pretty much constant. Years ago in the UK I heard there was a scheme to prevent young gangs of people harrassing local shop owners by sending out a high pitch noise on a frequency on a frequency them could hear, bit like dogs have a sensitivity to frequencies we can’t hear. And all the while, the six-year-old girl behind us screamed her piercing, high-pitched scream, cheering the performers on. So when you do things to damage your hearing like go to rock concerts without earplugs, listen to your headphones or stereos too loudly, fire a gun without protective gear, or have your friend scream in your ear, these sensitive cilia get destroyed. So if you can hear these high-pitched sounds, you’ve got the bittersweet blessing of having excellent hearing, but also of being sensitive to painful sounds that people like me will never hear. The noise which all kids do is a high volume, medium pitch scream, which suddenly hits a high note, this seems to cause the biggest effect. Just the constant drone of an engine hum, hum, humming for hours on end. Since we also live close to the city’s water towers, we thought maybe whatever pumps they used to regulate water pressure or water levels in the tower were at fault. Mosquito Wine, HAARP, ELF, Alien Implant, UFO Contact, Alien Contact, Tooth Implants, God or Satan read more. When I least expect it, at all hours of the day and night, suddenly I hear this odd noise in my ears at least once in a 24 hour period. A 50Hz or 60Hz hum from electricity, would be plausible but I would think it would be a constant sound. Other people can hear the high pitched sound that gradually gets louder and louder and ends up pissing me off! Chuck: Generally in more rural areas, which make sense because not as much noise pollution, I think. You know your skeptics will say there is no hum, it’s tinnitus or it’s something like that. All of a sudden some people said, Hey, that worked. (oh and it’s much easier at night without the traffic noise!)I just feel that there are a lot of people around (I’m in Brandon, FL, USSA) that hear the hum, and don’t have a clue where it’s coming from!P. The hum is virtually on the edge of perception which explains why only some people can hear it. I live in the middle of farm land with no neighbors and the closest cell tower is 30 miles away as is the nearest city, No power lines no wells no tunnels no military no factory no traffic, no old volcanos, just us and the horses and cows. It is high pitched with a low roaring undertone, like an engine idling in the distance. But now since 09/2012 it is here all the time, it pulsates and/or is a constant hum and it gets louder. Reports of the strange humming noise has circulated the globe, popping up in New Zealand, Canada, the United States and of course several towns in England. Here in Warrenville, IL we hear a hum late at night that we attribute to activity at Fermilab. Since there is no Fermilab in England, I would think it is a high voltage transformer somewhere. We were curious and continued to go under water and show all we could that would be willing to hear it under water. Especially if there is a sudden drop. No one else in my home can hear the noise, and they are starting to give me funny looks. Have you had any luck finding the source of your hum? I would love to figure this one out. Maybe you are close to a little electricity substation or booster box electrical equipment can hum a bit. And actually, I also always hear high-pitched frequency noises like a ringing in my ears but it’s definitely not tinnitus.

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